Tres Jolie? It's FABULOUS!

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I lived with my best friend Laura, we were avid watchers of Absolutely Fabulous. One of our great hoots was how Edina could wear the most hideous thing, and she’s whine “It’s LA CROIX SWEETIE!” and Patsy would demur,”It’s FABULOUS.”

We’d do that to one another almost daily, peels of laughter ringing out through our roach ridden apartment.

So it’s funny to me, a bit, that when I put on anything new from Tres Jolie, my first instinct is ALWAYS – “It’s FABULOUS!” and I’m always worried people will think I mean it in that AbFab way…which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Le Jardin Oriental, a recent release, was my Rez Day gift from Cajsa. I swear to you I did the Snoopy happy dance before I even unpacked it. Because Iknew……..

I knew it would be like this.

With remarkable details on the shading and the cut out work on the dress is truly unique. I just sat and cammed around looking at it, trying to take it all in, while Cajsa shot.

Add to that the gorgeous modern jewelry from Balderdash (also a Rez Day pressie from Cajsa YEAH I got good Pressies!) and this is an elegant cocktail gown or even day where with it’s delicate versatility.

The jewelry from Balderdash is gorgeous close or at a distant, truly unique and I’m going to have to go shopping there now.

Shopping at Tres Jolie isn’t cheap. But neither is the craftsmanship. And like I’m ALWAYS telling you, it is better to have ONE of something good, than 20 of something shitty.  And paying for the highest in design in this case means you GET the highest end design, and a designer who wants you to look your absolute best.

More Photos Here

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studio

Fashion Details

***Review Items noted with a Bold R***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin -Fleur – Allure – Ivory Lounge 2 R
  • Hair – Armidi – The Ginza – Pecan
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Dress – TRES JOLIE – Le Jardin Oriental – Iris
  • Shoes – Indyra Originals – Coquette Noirl
  • Jewelry – Balderdash – Whiskey & Plum
  • Nails – Vain – Darksider Nails

14 thoughts on “Tres Jolie? It's FABULOUS!

  1. Sunshine Kukulcan

    It has occurred to me lately that paying 4000L or more for one of those dresses that I do not even own, but instead RENT from LL (read the TOS if you don’t believe me) is the worst form of entitlement possible.

    Although I do own some Tres Jolie designs, I feel that no amount of workmanship within the confines of what Linden Lab sets as parameters for ownership can justify those prices, except for the snob appeal they carry, and to reward Iota’s design efforts.

    Therefore, I no longer shop at stores that charge outrageous amounts for any SL clothing, simply because I do not own any of it, regardless of prices. These are my personal opinions, your mileage may vary.

  2. Emerald Wynn

    I used to love Tres Jolie. I bought up almost the whole store when I discovered it, including some of the more extravagant, 4,000L pieces.

    I wanted to join the Tres Jolie group but it was closed enrollment. One day I was fortunate enough (I thought at the time) to wander into the store when Iota was there. I told her how much I loved her gowns, how I owned many of them, which ones were my favorite, etc. I even bought two more dresses while we were talking.

    Then I asked her if I could join her group. She politely declined my request by saying I “wasn’t well enough known.”

    I’m not going to lie, it really hurt my feelings.

    Maybe I’m not a huge name in the SL social circles or blogosphere, but even better (in my opinion), I was a loyal customer who chose to spend the equivalent of $100-plus RL dollars over the course of time — to “rent” her creations, as Sunshine astutely pointed out.

    I won’t argue that Ultsch’s work is stunning and her artistic vision is impressive. But I also won’t shop at her store anymore. I’ve found other places where the “nobodies” like me are appreciated and welcomed.

    A word to store owners: The “nobody” you think you’re talking to in Second Life might actually be a “somebody” in real life and, better yet, a somebody with plenty of lindens to spend.

    Happy Belated Rez Day, Gidge!

  3. Annabella Donner

    Emerald, I’m sorry you had a bad experience with trying to join the Tres Jolie group. I know Iota had closed group membership and basically shut down the store for a couple of weeks after several of her designs had been ripped off by copybots.

    I am, most definitely, an SL nobody, but I never have picked up any sort of snob vibe at the store or from her. Quite the opposite, in fact. She happened to be in the store when i bought my first outfit, and she spent about 15 minutes with me helping to adjust the prim attachments. She had spent time on her designs, and wanted me to look my best in her clothes.

    My guess is that you happened to catch her on a really bad day, and I hope you will give the store and the group another shot.

    As far as cost goes, yes, her clothes can be expensive, but I agree with Gidge that the design work is worth the expense. She also has several items in the 1,000 to 1,500 range, which, to me, is expensive, but not outrageous.

    I have splurged on one of her more expensive gowns, but the oooh’s and aaah’s I have gotten every time I wear it is worth the approximately $10 or $12 U.S. I spent on the outfit. A relatively cheap ego boost and less than ordering in for pizza.

    Sorry for the longish post, and, Gidge, you do look amazing. Happy belated rezday, and you did get the best presents!

  4. gidge

    *ahem*. Clears throat.
    Okay, so…….I’m totally an SL nobody. I write a fashion blog that a lot of people read but let’s face it, I’m NOT a mover or a shaker. If I say BOO no one is going to jump.
    I am surprised that someone got bad service by Iota – because I’ve always observed her being such a hunny-bunny to her customers. That’s just my own observation. I guess it’s possible to catch anyone on a bad day though – I know what a little witch I can be when crossed. (ok ok GREAT BIG WITCH)

    I guess my point is……..ummmmm. Did I have a point? Oh yes.

    For the price of fast food which I also don’t REALLY own I can buy a dress that is flawless. Now, am I willing to buy lots of dresses that HAVE flaws? Yeah. I do.

    But when I get the opportunity to pick up something that is just outstanding -even if only to ME – then it delights me. And I like to share it.

    I don’t mean to indicate that someone is or isn’t a fashion snob whether or not they do or do not shop at exclusive stores. I am certainly not one. Do I like REALLY REALLY REALLY NICE EXPENSIVE THINGS?

    Ummm, duh yes.


    Ummmm, no.

    I think that it’s fun, that there are places which are a notch above, just a little out of reach some days. Something that if I spend 11k on it I feel just as high on the shopping as if I spent 300 on shoes in RL.

    If all shops in SL priced out at the same level well hell that’s just communism. I like that there are near freebie stores that put out really high quality items, and that there are middle of the road stores that produce consistent goods and that there are high end designers who make you pay for it but are really making excellent stuff.

    And I truly believe that there are flashes of brilliance across the entire range of shops.

    Everyone is of course entitled to shop where it makes them happy. After all……that’s what it’s all about. 🙂

    Iota makes me happy. Who makes you happy? Then show them love!

  5. Cajsa Lilliehook

    Iota has been a darling and very friendly to me since the days when my only job in SL was cleaning prim trash at a mall. However, I do know that she was afraid of adding more group members for awhile after she was robbed by copybots, even closing her store to all but group members for awhile. I think you may have inquired right in the midst of that. That doesn’t mitigate your hurt feelings and I regret that happened, but I think you must have caught her at a bad time.

  6. gidge


    (she only had to be hired to do it because I was lazy and would never do it…….STOP ALLOWING BUILD PERMISSIONS I’d shout, and refuse to do it.)

    🙂 Ah the good old days.

    Once, she returned an entire nightclub instead of a tip jar!

  7. Annabella Donner

    It’s ok, Cajsa. One of my first jobs in SL was working as a rental agent in a sim. My third day on the job I was showing a prospective renter a nice beach house, misclicked while setting him up as a tenant, and deleted the whole house. 🙂

  8. Cajsa Lilliehook

    ah, but this club was full of people dancing! 20-30 people who fell into the big hole where the club used to be and because it was no-fly, had to be tp’ed out if they stayed in the region. what a mess!

  9. Veronique Saphir

    I know it’s late for this run but I’ve been out of SL because of a RL accident.
    I’m sorry your feelings were hurt. I’ve known Iota for a while and she really is a sweet sweet person. You must have just caught here at a bad time.
    I’m not an SL nobody but I’m not in the elite either. She’s not about that. The copybots and people begging to get free clothes from her at times (not that you were but generally) gets really irritating.
    xxx – Veronique

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