Who Is Your Caterer?

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Cezare, on a whim, created many lovely treats for a recent soiree he and his partner Polaire hosted.  Being a silly girl who LOVES SL food at parties, I was at once taken back by how beautiful the things were and unique!

I demanded he open a shop and become my caterer.


Ok, but I did say OMG WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE A SHOP??

So now a few weeks later after much creating and getting things the way he wanted them, he brings us CAFE GOURMAND! I truly recommend, if you like to set out treats for fun and beauty, giving this new store a try. It’s just lovely, the things he has created.

And for fun he even has a small ice cream box that will sell you a cone for L$2!

I am enjoying PASSION FRUIT!

I am enjoying PASSION FRUIT!

And if you haven’t heard the bells ringing from every tower…….PXL CREATIONS has released a NEW SKIN! KIM!

You might wonder why I didn’t mention the dress? Because it’s fantastic. Because you can SEE it! GO NOW! BUY IT! It comes with hat, hat + hair AND JEWELRY and is available in mutiple colors.

Not much I can say about such a stunning piece that wouldn’t sound trite is there? It is truly lovely!


  • Skin – PXL CREATIONS KIM in Natural Tone Coffee lips
  • eyes – poetic colors lavender fields
  • Dress includes hat hair and jewelry – bliensen and mai tai
  • shoes – indyra originals coquette noir

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