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How Do You Know I Like It?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Well, personally I’d say the fact that I just wore this outfit for four days is a good sign. Despite the fact that I bought clothes, slipped in and out of this and that and styled several things to wear LATER……I kept pulling this back on when going out and about to do more shopping.

I think that means I like it. Continue reading

Who Is The Meanest Girl In The Room?



posted by Gidge Uriza

One of the great benefits of living your SL in a swaddle of love and kindness is that no one ever sees you coming when you pull out your real evil self.

But sometimes, it’s fun to dress up your girly girl AV who adorns herself in pink chiffon as much as possible, in something like the COWBOY BOOTS OF  EVIL (god how much do I love Ivey for this name? – I BOUGHT THEM WITHOUT HARDLY LOOKING AT THEM – SOLELY BCSE THE NAME POPPED UP AS I CAMMED AROUND). Continue reading

Callie Cline Made Me a Cowgirl

posted by Gidge Uriza

Green leopard boots with color change gems? Are you serious? I don’t understand why these didn’t give me a CALL to come over and fetch them. These boots were one of my MANY green pickups during Callie’s big green L$99 sale – and then I added the jeans when she had her big L$10 sale right after.

She’s had some amazing sales lately. Continue reading

Just Dance, Gonna Be Okay…..

posted by Gidge Uriza

Having these Lady Gaga inspired shades dropped on me by Emo Biedermans was just the push I needed to get over to Little Heavan and pick up their hair I’ve been coveting forever.

I had just gotten my look together when I got invited to a party for the grand re-opening of Myth so Cajsa and I popped over there, in fact to JUST DANCE. Continue reading

Come Dancing,All Her Boyfriends Used to Come and Call…

posted by Gidge Uriza

The sweep of motion in this scarf Cajsa captured put me in mind of that great song, who is it by, the Kinks? 

Another Saturday Another Date

She would be ready but she’d always make him wait

In the front hall in anticipation…..he didn’t know the night

would end up in frustration…..

he’d end up blowing all his wages for the week……..

all for a cuddle and a peck on the cheek……


I mean, that totally IS this girl, right?

🙂 Who me? Continue reading

My Love of Frick May Be Naive…..

Posted by Gidge Uriza

….but I love her work.

I love that I can roll over to Frick whenever I’m in the mood for something nutty or different, and pick up one of her fantasy skins – and do so for very few lindens. I had to have this retro pinup skin as it’s called Brigitte – and Gidge’s RL name is the same.

I’m slowly on a quest to acquire things with my name to make an “ALL ABOUT ME” outift. ”

Fricka’s prices are good and her variety is such a treat. I do love all the fun skins. I usually take new player friends over there to pick up “something different” when they have been on the grid a few days. They ALL love it. Continue reading

This One Is For Emma

posted by Gidge Uriza


The first time I put on the Efe skin, my first thought was that “MAN, This sort of looks like my friend Emma!” Emma is a real life friend, and is as pretty or not prettier than the combo of my shape + Efe’s skin. Which is a fairly good compliment to a human person, as Efe is amazingly pretty.

I have been looking for something subtle but pretty to wear when I showed off my first acquisition from a too cool earring shop EAR CANDY, and this group gift sweater from PINK COUTURE totally fit the bill. Continue reading

Tres Jolie? It's FABULOUS!

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I lived with my best friend Laura, we were avid watchers of Absolutely Fabulous. One of our great hoots was how Edina could wear the most hideous thing, and she’s whine “It’s LA CROIX SWEETIE!” and Patsy would demur,”It’s FABULOUS.”

We’d do that to one another almost daily, peels of laughter ringing out through our roach ridden apartment.

So it’s funny to me, a bit, that when I put on anything new from Tres Jolie, my first instinct is ALWAYS – “It’s FABULOUS!” and I’m always worried people will think I mean it in that AbFab way…which couldn’t be further from the truth. Continue reading

Talk To Me, Goose

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ve finally re-emerged from the ranks of the drug induced exhaustion + carpal tunnel that has pretty much kept me away from the keyboard except when at work.

I love it when a doctor prescribes me something and then says, “This is going to make you unbelievably exhausted. It really induces a strong sense of fatigue.”

Why, lovely…….do you have anything that makes me feel fat and ugly and we can just call it depression in a bottle?

LUCKILY I have a pixel world when I can escape these doldrums…….and I get some great opportunities to show you some fun pieces for the having. This set is really all built around this skin.  You see, because Cajsa is EVIL  my good friend she took me to Symphony to check out their skins.

Sigh…..I barely knew where to start. Continue reading