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If You Have To Ask, You Can't Afford Me

posted by Gidge Uriza

My husband, Silo Uriza, has interjected that I should postcript that title with “And I don’t put out either…..”  but you know. I sort of thought that might drive away any trade……..

Ever have hair that you love even though it’s a hot mess? There’s nothing ugly about this hair from CAKE – yet, I can’t help wanting to give myself a hot oil treatment everytime I see me in it. 

There is something so realisitically overprocessed about this hair – I can see the split ends, I swear.

I wasn’t originally putting together a hookerific outfit – I had picked up a freebie cocktail gown – Meshindo’s Gift – but, I had a problem with the skirt. And herein I have a confession. Continue reading