Inconveniently Undead

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m a very socially active girl. You can imagine my distress when I woke up one evening FAR after my normal waking time, to discover myself among the Undead!  This was clearly going to put a crimp in my entertaining and social schedule!

Or was it? I decided right then and that I’d just have to accept Vampire as part of my new look and go about my business as normal. After all, I I have entertaining to do!

And – buffets to dust!

I find myself a bit more full of whimsy and giddy-ness since I’ve joined the Undead. Perhaps it’s simply a symptom of being Nouveau Undead and I’ll settle down with time. After all, it just doesn’t seem appropriately somber to be this exuberant AND Undead!

Now the real question I’m going to have to figure out is – how to explain this change to the ladies at the country club?

I suppose if they give me any crap, I’ll just have to bring them over as well, won’t I?

For The Entire Shoot of Gidge As Vampire shot by Cajsa

This post was challenged and inspired by the indomitable Winter Jefferson who has been challenged in turn and I anxiously await his creation. 

I hope you’re happy, now I’m a Vampire – FUCKER!

Style Notes

***No Review Items Worn***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – PXL Creations – Frozen Linda-  Group Gift
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors – Lavender Fields
  • Hair – Ingenue – Bombshell and Marilyn in Blonde
  • Shoes – Indyra Originals – Coquette Noir – Cordial Black
  • Nails – Love Soul – French Blue
  • Fangs – Xcite Fangs – Recommended by Winter……hmmmmmmm /raises eyebrows at Winter.


  • Shoot 1- Ingenue –  Whole Lotta Lovin
  • Shoot 2 – Ingenue – Doris – Emerald Green
  • Shoot 3 – Sontta Morales “8” Bentley


  • Feather Duster – Medhue
  • Drink/Smokes Tray – Pixeldolls Hostess Tray

0 thoughts on “Inconveniently Undead

  1. Winter

    Ohhh… too funny. LOVE it, Gidge! This is what Wisteria Lane would look like a day after I moved in.

    I bow to your expertise, and mine own challenge response will be posted within one of your earth days.


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