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Stomping Around Dystopia

posted by Gidge Uriza

When stumbling through piles of human carcasses of a Dystopia it’s important to wear good shoes.  And a shirt that displays a lot of attitude. Luckily I had both. 🙂

After I got done watching human souls be devoured and repeatedly smashed between rocks between demon beasts, I decided to head home to hang out.  Continue reading

I Need A Dress That Says……

posted by Gidge Uriza

(just an author’s note – all sentiments listed below are actually one year old – they were the motivation for the dress’s purchase)

  • I am no longer to be considered trivial
  • I am not extra, I am part of the crew – as a matter of fact, I do more than you
  • Your boyfriend asked me to be his date for the grand opening of his club
  • He asked me because you are out of town, but it’s a real date
  • I am competing with you
  • Pay attention, because here I am, and I’m not leaving
  • I am powerful, I am beautiful and if you are bad to me, I will rock your world

What sort of dress expresses so much power and fashion? What sort of dress REALLY puts you out there….so that you CANNOT be ignored?

I thought this one did. Continue reading

The Butterfly Effect

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m dogmatic about my eyes. I never change them. It’s to the point where I often think I’ll forget to list them in the fashion details – FNKY – PURPLE RAIN. Yet when I recently picked up this festive limited edition skin at Juicy it came packed full of these iridescent eyes with butterfly pupils.

A soft pink make up with delicate details for a girly girl seemed just my sort of skin to have hanging in the closet and I loved the idea of there being only a limited number of them being sold. I immediately knew what carnival of pink I’d drape over this new skin. Continue reading

The 7vanth Sign

posted by Gidge Uriza

I am notorious for buying cute clothes and then either forgetting about them for months OR for not being able to remember WHERE I bought them. I’m ashamed to admit I only learned a few months ago to check the clothes CREATOR and I could usually track them down. I don’t know why I never applied this skill to clothing – I KNEW it worked for objects. Who knows – I’m mostly blonde.

Not today obviously, but mostly. Continue reading