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1689 or The Refutation of Silly Rules

Oh, if only in the far distant past of two years ago when we started this blog we had come up with something so obvious as titling our posts by the number, blogging would be so much easier. This is #1689 though I  should call it the Refutation of Silly Rules. Someone somewhere once decreed that redheads should not wear pink. Someone somewhere was a silly person. If I listened to that silly person I could never wear this lovely little dress from Skin Flicks – so I won’t listen.

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Rose Are Blue?

The bright, cheerful Ruffiela dress from Skin Flicks is a happy setting for the lovely Dark Mouse Roses Are Blue parure.

My mother loved music. When she went blind temporarily from a pharmacy dispensing error and still did not know if her vision would ever return, she would say “I would rather lose my vision than my hearing. I can still listen to music and that’s enough beauty for any lifetime.” She had a way of putting troubles into perspective and facing difficulties with stoic optimism.

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Flowers on Fire

Here’s another wardrobe staple, the LBD or Little Black Dress. One of the great features of the LBD is its ability to function as a frame for luscious jewelry which is what this dress from Skin Flicks is doing perfectly.

Dark Mouse was justly recognized as an outstanding new jeweler in the Best of SL awards and this is just one example of why. Her jewelry is quirky and original with a highly personal vision. She generally makes all her items in gold, silver and copper. This gold version has a black stone while the copper has a firey red and the silver a dark lapiz.

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Nu Shooz

When Lavea Alter to me she was working on some shoes last week and passed me a pair of unfinished ones with zebra skin to take a peek and offer a hem, a haw and an opinion. I respect designers who are open to opinions and critique and so I shared my longing for a nice floral fabric ankle boot and look what happened! Floral brocade yumminess in many colors – and just in time for a mini tribute to the Little Black Dress.

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Creating This New Year to Come

Elros Tuominen, the Second Life artist, is always incredibly generous with his art. For the new year, he sent this marvelous work called Creating This New Year to Come to his group.  Like many of his works, you can sit inside it and meditate in a moving swirl of color and beauty. However, this really needs to be appreciated from outside as well.

My art-admiring outfit is from SkinFlicks, the Sally knit dress in pink.

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MDR: One Year Old

MDR Photo Studio was one year old yesterday – and we will be celebrating that milestone with a big party on Friday night at 6:30 PM SLT. In that year we have grown from 1024 sm of ocean in Glookbone to a full sim with our studio and a photo park. The photo above was shot on the beach at MDR where there are a couple of those wonderful wooden boats and rocks from Las Islas filled with beachy animations.  I am not wearing the beachiest clothes, but Skin Flicks jacket is, despite its upscale fabric, completely wash and wear, so no worries.

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Grace in a Skin Flick

posted by Gidge Uriza

I received two sets from Skin Flicks to review, the first being that cocktail dress I showed you a few days ago, and then THIS lovely piece – completely on the other end of the spectrum – fashion wise.

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And now for something completely different…

Fooled you! Yes, it’s more from Paper Couture, but do I get creativity points for wearing their menswear? I know quality menswear is rare and probably should let men keep the good stuff to themselves when it comes along, but I love this suit. Look at the wonderful jacket and collar. It’s just so lush and the fabric is that perfect steel color that makes you think it’s blue, purple, brown, gold as the light moves over it. It’s that rich.  Incidentally, without the jacket and the prim pieces, the white brocade shirt is a beautiful widenecked shell that can be a marvelous foundation for layering. I am sure you will be seeing that out and about soon.

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Not Your Typical Skin Flick

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ve discovered a new shop to love, thanks to this excellent review pack I was sent from Skin Ficks. My first instinct was, upon hearing the name, that the clothes would be of the SL Hooker-Blingtard variety and I’d throw them out.

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