En Vogue avec VOGART

Vogart Skirt

by Cajsa Lilliehook

Today i was running around the beautiful Costa Rica sims with exploding volcanoes and thunderstorms and being thoroughly impressed by the quality build. I started the day dressed for cooler climes – with this stunningly rich red jacquard skirt from VOGART and the nubby tights from pochette. I tossed on a leather jacket with this camisole underneath in case it got warmer and it sure did. Costa Rica was steamy so I lost the jacket. The shoes, though, were sturdy enough for hiking through the rainforest.  All in all, a beautiful day. 

More photos on my flickr. Accessories and style notes after the jump.


Shape: melli2 by hatchy mills

Skin: Finger Cin Freckled by Chai

Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC Eyes

Hair: Unkept in blood by House of Heart

Top: Trixie Cami in nightfall by Celestial Studios

Skirt: Jacquard Knit by VOGART

Tights: NepKnit Socks (Cacole Long) by Pochette

Earrings: Claudia red by Dela

Necklace: Red Plastic Ring necklace from chicoco

Bracelets: Carmen red by DeLa Shoes:

Ruffle Boots by Shiny Things  

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  1. Samara Barzane

    Great outfit! But can you tell me where to find VOGART? They are not coming up in search 🙁

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