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Prelude to ….

I love the name of the store Prelude. It conveys the role of clothing as prelude to a party, a date, an adventure, a kiss. Choosing the right clothing for the day is the proper prelude to that day. Choosing tough durable clothing for a hike or soft, sensuous clothing for a dance – all preludes to the event that put you in the mood for the event.  So what is this dress from Prelude a prelude to?

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This gorgeous body suit from Baiastice is called Macrame. When you say macrame to me, that’s not what comes to mind.  To be honest, every time I see the word macrame, I think of this Portland restaurant called the Daily Planet – a burger and fries kind of restaurant/pub – that has these huge macrame plant and light fixture things hanging from the ceiling all made of jute. Now, imagine how years of fry-cooking grease-laden air will affect that jute rope they are made of and what it may look like if seldom cleaned and you will get an idea why I only went there once and why the word macrame is terribly unappealing. So, with my anti-macrame bias solidly on high alert, I tried on this outfit and was surprised by how lovely it is – and seriously, that’s lovely gorgeous beautiful lace – not macrame. And did I have fun mixing it up with some skirts.

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Quelque part au-delà de la mer

posted by Gidge Uriza

I have to tell you guys a story while I show off this gorgeous, femme bikini/shorts set from Prelude.

Once upon a time I held a party and Cajsa’s tp’d in two of her friends – Polaire and Cezare. I instantly liked them. They were witty – they were full of wry repartee and good conversationalists. People who can carry on conversations on the grid can be hard to find – can’t they. You know – people who don’t think KEWLIES is an appropriate response to everything you say? Continue reading


Ambrosia – the drink of the gods. I don’t know what yours is. Mine is a gin & tonic with a dash of Tia Rosa’s and fresh lime. For Polaire of Prelude, it seems it might be a nice froth cafe latte or cappucino.  She recently gave me this dress of hers.  I added the corset from Polina Kaestner and it suited it so well Polaire said she wished she had thought of it. Polaire and Polina, it must be destiny. Certainly the two pieces look made for each other.

This was another outfit I put together for Second Style. The only reason I feel bad that it fell through is that I asked Polaire to give me this dress for the magazine shoot – and it did not happen.  If anyone deserves to have her designs highlighted in a magazine – it’s Polaire. So let’s hope that happens some other way.

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Are the stars out tonight?

The clothing from Prelude is always elegant and carefully executed. Estelle, this new dress, however, exceeds all my already high expectations.

Are the stars out tonight?
I dont know if its cloudy or bright
cause I only have eyes for you, dear
The moon may be high
But I cant see a thing in the sky
cause I only have eyes for you.

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Black Velvet

In my experience, velvet is one of the trickier textures to do well in our pixel clothing, so I am so pleased with the lovely black velvet and brocade dress from Prelude. Like everything from Prelude, it comes in an over-stuffed folder full of options. In this case, you have every possible layer option and choices of the level of sheerness in the bodice as well as the option of wearing a jacket or not.  Sweet! Don’t those Maitreya shoes stir up the hotness factor as well?

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Prelude to More Options

As I have mentioned, this new collection from Prelude is dominated by outfits that are clothing suites with multiple blouses, skirts and pants for mixing and matching. Still, sometimes you want to add something of your own – as I did with the glam Micha Mi tank here.  I love the little boleros in the Sorbonne suite, but preferred a simple tank to the fancy bras that are designed to go with it.

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Going For Baroque

I know it’s a bad pun but I’m not the one going for broke, it’s Prelude designer Polaire Aeghin. She is going to extremes to create outfits you can wear three, four, five different ways even before you start mixing and matching with the rest of your wardrobe. Good grief, she even includes two *TWO* parrot canes, one with and one without an AO.

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Prelude Suites

I got an IM from Polaire Aeghin the other day asking me to take a look at her collection for Prelude. Little did she know that I had recently visited the store and picked up a few items to blog, but the clothes she dropped on me were so fun and so versatile, they completely jumped the line.

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