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I love fashion drama – when it’s the drama of bold colors, flowing fabrics and the sheen of heavy charmeuse. Mami Jewell is one of the most dramatic creators with her rich formal gowns that explode with drama.


There’s enough drama in this skirt to fuel a daytime soap opera.
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I swear I am like a magpie sometimes. Flash some bright color my way and I am there! That certainly is how the Landa dress from Anubis caught my eye. I was walking through the boutique stalls at Modavia Fashion Week and a splash of lime caught my eye. Then it dragged me over and made me buy this dress. After being forced to buy the dress by a color, it’s a good thing I like it! The sweater details over the lime top are spot on.
I decided to hang out at the record shop and show it off. It’s an ideal dress for music and dancing, so the record shop at Virtual Decay made sense to me.
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When the Kungler sisters recently sent promotional copies of their two newest dresses Alfa and Zeta – my mind went to the alphabet – as in A to Z – and thought how clever, they sent everything from A to Z. And that’s true, but then I remembered that in the Greek alphabet everything would be from Alpha to Omega and Zeta is actually only the 6th letter. I guess it was not a pun after all. Still, I like the name. Besides, Z is a funky letter, the bane or the blessing of Scrabble players everywhere, depending on whether they are fanatical like my mother was. She memorized all the words ending and starting with Z. She also memorized every Q word that didn’t need a U. Like I said, fanatical.  She kept a notebook with the final score of all games – to establish a handicapping system so that every game was competitive. Is it bragging to say I had to spot her? I didn’t memorize any special words, my ploy was lots of two letter or three letter words that double counted many ways. It irked her so much that I would get more points with axe than she would with ziggurat, which begins with Z and brings up back to Zeta – a gorgeous dress that I had to show you.

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Quick Look: DeLa

Sorry for not posting yesterday and posting so late today. I have been super busy IRL – catching up after three weeks of illness from H1N1 and trying to get things done by deadlines. I am still slammed and just tossing this up quickly. It’s a great dress from DeLa that features a pouf skirt with a contrasting pouf underskirt. I love the style of the dress, it’s shape and details. There’s one thing that might improve it…but only at the cost of an attachment point and I know how we all love our attachment points. I just thinknk it would be fun to have the underskirt pouf a separate item so if I bought two or three or four or more of these dresses, I could mix colors on my own. That would be fun! But saving attachment points has its value too and the color in the provided skirt is the optimum color choice. …It’s a darling skirt and fun and great for dancing.

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Unseasonably Warm

Since you only get the weather you want in SL, it’s warm and sunny and perfect for a little dress like this – one I forgot I had and discovered while cleaning out my inventory for the Yard Sale.  I love the colors in the print and the briefer than usual band of print on the bodice. It’s a cute little dress, fun and lively.

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Houndstooth, Polka Dots and Tiger Stripes, Oh My!

Yes, you can wear Houdstooth, Polka Dots and Tiger Stripes together. It’s a question of scale and tone – not that the patterns conflict. They don’t because they are on the same scale and use the same color palette. When I saw the Houndstooth coat at Muism (which was 50% for their anniversary sale) I had to have it. Such retro chic and the classic lines are something a style icon like Jackie O might have worn over a black or white Oscar de la Renta shift dress. Audrey Hepburn would have worn it over black cigarette pants and a heavy knit sweater. Katherine Hepburn would have worn it over grey wool pants and a white man’s shirt.  I saw many outfits in my mind, but I wanted to push it a bit and go with prints. It was pure serendipity that I received a blogger pack from A-Bomb right when I was contemplating my options.

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Old Friends…New Ventures

This outfit actually highlights the work of two people whom I have known since my early days in SL two years ago who have struck out in new directions since then. The dress is made by Shinichi Mathy who was one of Maht’s first clients when we opened MDR in November 2007 – nearly two years ago. Back then he was modeling as was his business partner Jeckie Hax who was another of Maht’s clients. Now they own Shiki Designs and this dress is one of their stellar designs.  The skin is from Kira Paderborn whom I met two years ago as well after I was told I had a terrible shape. I felt discouraged, but Kira whipped me into shape (literally) in nothing flat. Her business, Shapes by Kira, is one of the most respected shape stores on the grid and is very popular. Now she is making skins and this is her second skin, called Eva and it’s just luscious. It’s great to see folks moving in new directions and developing such great skins and showing so much creativity. Now let me pull up my rocker so I can rock and say “I knew them when…”

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