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She Flies Through the Air

with the greatest of ease – particularly when using the Aerial Assault poses from Long Awkward Pose. While visiting Festivale yesterday, I was entranced by Pixel Dust – a store in a big circus tent –  complete with trapeze swings. I remembered a dress Miffy from Zenith gave me a month ago or so and thought it might make the perfect aerialist dress.

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En Vogue

Miffy of Zenith and I have been friends since my first month in Second Life and have spent many hours sitting on a pig talking about this that and the other thing. I remember watching her make her first clothes and marveling at her sureness and speed in moving those prims around. She often sends me her newest creation and every once in a while I will blog one that is less neko that most of her clothes.  Now is when I admit that she once asked me why I dressed like an old lady. Such is the difference between 20 and 33. However, we are both a year older now and that year makes a bigger difference for her…which really shows in the increasing feminity and maturity of her designs. This last dress she did is just stunning and for the first time, I am doing a blog post of an outfit in all its colors: silver, gold, pink, blue and black.

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Dress Me Up Challenge: Gidge as a Neko

posted by Gidge Uriza

Dear God. Know why I don’t do Neko? (Besides the tails creep me out and make me think of THIS) It’s the accessories! I just can’t buy super cute ears PLUS rockin Hair or a tail AND shoes. WOW. Nekos  spend a lot of money on stuff. YOWZAH.

At least – to look cute they do.

Maybe if a Neko and a spoiled fashionista had a baby – THIS is what she would look like!

I opted for the Uncle Wiggly necklace which was “collarish” vs. a real collar. And bushier eyebrows than I normally wear.

AH not my best effort, but clearly, I’m not a member of the Paws Clan.

I feel certain that Clara Bow will be more within my range!

Fashion Details

  • Shape _ Gidge custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – MVS Xtreme Reality SKin – Heidi – Active Red
  • HAir Diversity hair – Freshia – Sunshine Blonde
  • Dress – Frangipanni Designs – Floral Print – Freebie
  • Necklace – Uncle Wiggly – Triple Marge in red & black
  • Ears – Neko Style EArs Black (that I won on a hunt!)
  • SHoes – Juicy Slingback pumps in Peppercorn

Orange You Glad It's October?

posted by Gidge Uriza

The month of my birth, the month of All Hallows Eve, the true beginning of fall in my mind all pull me toward shades of orange and brown every year. Both in RL (sitting here right now decked out in BROWN) and SL the palette of my wardrobe takes a shift this time of year.

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