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Oooo Bebae Bebae!

posted by Gidge Uriza

How many review items can one girl wear in a post? Let’s find out!

All of them?! YES!

The new Bebae Valentine release skins are really very glamorous – maybe fancier than this sweater pants combo warranted but I’m having trouble taking them off lately.  Continue reading

One Disadvantage of Not Being Catholic….

posted by Gidge Uriza

…is that you don’t have SAINTS per se….and that you don’t know that Saints have DAYS. I mean, you sort of know. You know that there is the festival of this saint or that saint, and if you’re me you’re prone to attend these things cuz they have good food and are fun.

And there is usually a carnival. Continue reading

Modernista Fashionista

posted by Gidge Uriza

It was at a 4th Friday Art Exhibit I hosted once at Vicious (yeah I used to make them do cultural stuff ….no shooting the artistes)…that I was exposed to the vibrant, kinetic artwork of Elros Tuominen. Cajsa was friends and had suggested his sculptures for our next event, so I said sure no problem and we were set.

You’ve seen SL art. A lot of it is shite. But when you run into something different, something that makes you say…..Oooooo I like this…..then you’ve hit on it. Whatever IT is. Continue reading