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Goodbye Old Friend


I was honored to be asked to DJ the first half of the Closing Party for Rouge, the incomparable sim that was the brainchild of Codebastard Redgrave (Codie) and Eshi Otawara. Because Rouge is Red and Red is Codie raison d’être, I knew I had to wear red, just as I did to the opening party back in July, 2008. With its dance poles and feather boa foliage, Rogue is a place to wear your naughty and flirtatious outfits, so I was thrilled that Azul released Likka, a brand new burlesque corset and skirt just in time for the party. How perfect is that.


Medieval scholars debated for years about whither art of nature. Eshi Otawara’s answer is art and nature, terraforming the land of Rouge into a work of art. Be sure to check out this photo from Oscar Page. I like it much better than mine.

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Ribbons, Bows and Furbelows, Casual Hair at Hair Fair


What are furbelows anyway? I googled and found out they are pleats or ruffles used to embellish your clothing – so good enough. This is collection of Hair Fair styles that are more casual and incorporate hats, headbands, ribbons, flowers or even butterflies. Any additional adornment or embellishment. There are 29 styles and you can see the full size pictures in this Flickr set.

FrouFour Picnic_008

Looking for a more casual outfit to show off these hairstyles, I pulled out these WoE Gauge 2 Jeans with the strawberry patch. The top is a shortie from Moonshine and the belt is from Coco.
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Purrfect Idiosyncrasy

Idiosyncrasy Ella

I am not sure how this affected this post, but in the interests of full disclosure, all the photos were shot, cropped and edited while I was laying down sharing a pillow with my cat who purred loudly in my ears while he watched me work. There’s something so relaxing about a purring cat, but that doubles down when they are laying so close you can feel every rumble of their purr. Of course, there was also the delight of discovering the fun new makeups in this lovely new Ella skin from Idiosyncrasy for Vanity Universe Skin Fair. I really was in a good place.

Idiosyncrasy Ella
Ella is a gorgeous skin from Ashia Tomsen of Idiosyncrasy. It comes in three shades, Pale, Medium and Dark. I think I was purrfectly neglectful and forgot to shoot a pic of the dark tone, but you can see it on her Flickr photostream. I am showing off the lovely Kim lingerie from Baiastice and the fun flats from Periquita. The many fun makeup options and lip tattoos are after the cut.
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Girl Next Door Goes Clubbing.

I was out dancing all night long in this outfit and really love the look for dancing, but I do have to share my date’s description. He said, “The girl next door goes clubbing!” I don’t know what that means, but he was particularly chilvarous, so it must be good. The lovely girl-next-door skin is Lily from Exodi and the dress is from Redgrave.

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I ♥ Pixel Dolls

I ♥ Pixel Dolls. They were one of the first stores of my Second Life and one where I spent many of my hard-earned lindens. Believe me, when you get paid 300L/week for clearing prim trash at a mall, you earn it and every purchase is long-considered, and Pixel Dolls earned a warm spot with its reasonable cost, many layers and fabulous fat packs. This outfit, Leonides, is just a perfect example of why they are wonderful. It is flexible, can be worn multiple ways and can be worn as separates with other clothing. No wonder I and many, many others ♥ Pixel Dolls.

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Summer Nights

When you want to dress up for those hot summer night, sometimes the freshness of icy colors like silver and ice blue can make you feel just a tiny bit cooler. Sure, it’s all in your head, but so is everything else in life.  This Pixel Dolls Limelight corset in silver looks almost like I am wearing ice and that could give you just a little shiver of cool feeling.  The ice blue skirt is from LeeZu and is icier than you think. The Skyline necklace and earrings have an icy look, too. These are from a store I discovered on a hunt – ci:di

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Designer Showcase Network

I love those people who see recurring issues and debates like the freebie debate – all heat and no light – that recycle frequently without resolution and instead of adding their two cents, sit back and break the problem down and proactively search for an alternative. Rika Watanabe is just that sort of person. She looked at the whole freebie/hunt/entitlement/hoohah/blah/blah and proposed a solution – The Designer Showcase Network. You can subscribe any of the nine channels that interest you and receive a daily promotional item from a designer producing work in that channel. The channels are Animations and Poses, Business Tools and Services, Female Fashion, Gadgets, Vehicles and Weapons, Home and Garden, Jewelry and Accessories, Male Fashion, Skins and Hair and Full Avatars.

For designers, this lets them expose their content to new potential customers. For customers, well it’s one to nine freebies per day depending on your interests. This post is actually about how this leads to sales. Last night I opened up a DSN freebie from Miss Muffet and tried it on. It was an adorably cute little lavendar dress that had Gidge calling me Bo Peep. It was cute, well made and not my style. However, I liked the quality and the wit so I decided to follow the landmark in the folder and check it out. I immediately saw that is was a store Achariya would love and im’ed her with a “check it out” landmark and then saw a dollarbie that would be perfect for  Gidge’s freestyle blogging and bought a sweater and this fabulous pants out above for myself. Gidge also bought the dollarbie and an outfit I am sure you will see soon – complete with – erm, I better let her suprise you. So…one item that I deleted… but interesting and good enough that it got me to the store and had me sending LM’s to two others. It’s a win-win.

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