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I’m Ready for Christmas Now

Well that’s it the Arcade is open and there go all your lindens. I personally am pretty excited – I love this round, and now I’m flinging Christmas joy everywhere!!! My house is soon going to be a holiday wonderland.

More things to enhance the wonder that is my SL? Bring them on.

Welcome Back Arcade!

Gidge is Wearing:
Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: Lelutka May
Skin: Pink Fuel
Eyes: Banana Banshee
Dress/Jacket: Birdy – The Arcade
Pug: Birdy – The Arcade
Hair: Lcky – Drowsy – Unknown Pack – The Arcade
Table Setting: [-BLUE SKY-] Carolina Dining Set – The Arcade
Candle Sticks: [-BLUE SKY-] Gold Candle Sticks – The Arcade

Back to Dire Marsh

Sept 16_008

My favorite outfit from the sYs collection for Modavia Fashion Week is this one called Stardust. I guess I felt the Stardust would feel at home in the swamp since that’s where I decided to shoot. The outfit has an aged and distressed look with the shredded sweater that seemed to call for a more noir setting.

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.004


One of the reasons I love Kunglers is their use of bold prints and the way they incorporate the organic inspirations of their Brazil into their designs. Their fall collection for Modavia Fashion Week is true to their history while remaining fresh by incorporating new silhouettes. It’s a fabulous collection of separates and signature pieces such as this stunning coat – which I wore as a coat dress. While this is gold, not green the color of hope, for some reason it made me think of a favorite song a former colleague used to play a lot – Spyro Gyro by Jorge Ben Jor. I think it is the vegetal inspiration that brought zygotes and gametes to mind.

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Gidge shared a list of censor bait from her workplace IT staff yesterday. It’s a long, long, long list of words that will alert the censor sharks to eat emails and make them disappear. There’s a number I have never heard of. In fact, Google® has never heard of “blue vein nose flute” either. Oddly, the word “girls” made the list. Even in naughty e-mails, it’s not the word “girls” that’s naughty, but the surrounding words. The list made me think of my mother who was a fierce and hyper-competitive Scrabble® player. She kept a notebook with the game score of every game she played with people and calculated handicaps so whether the player was a novice or an expert, the game should be a close one. She played to win, which meant that no one should have been shocked to see her use the word “fuck” while playing with the pastor of the Baptist Church. But we were.


No obscenities were harmed in the creation of these photos, though I wonder if any of the designers swore a bit. Whenever I admire the fine detail work in jewelry such as this lovely set from Kunglers, I imagine manipulating those teeny tiny prims and recall how sometimes my cursor slips and prims start flying off into the wide, wide world and feel certain that some words from Gidge’s list might get taken out for a walk. Incidentally, I used no poses in this shoot – because the Baiastice skirt comes with its own AO and thought you might like to see what it does. I am not fond of skirts with AO’s myself – and it’s a simple thing to remove the AO if you’re like me and prefer your own AO, even if you do put your hands in your skirt once in awhile. However, if you want to be sure that your hands are where they should be, the AO will keep your hands where they belong.
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Post No. 2261

lelutka kit makeup 7_010

It’s too early, I guess, to come up with a clever post title, so I settled for naming the number. There’s no settling, however, when it comes to the gorgeously foxy Kit skin from Lelutka or the detailed swimsuit from Vogel. Both are exemplars of the best of Second Life® craftsmanship and creativity.
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Sunday Morning Coming Down

Belleza Melissa_004

One of the exciting bonuses of Vanity Universe Skin Fair is that you know that Tricky Boucher of Belleza will have a new skin to fall in love with all over again. Tricky is not one of the skinners that rolls out something new every few weeks. Instead, he spends a long time on each skin, perfecting it so that when you go to Belleza, you know you will get one of the finest skins on the grid. And this skin, Melissa, does not disappoint.
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Purrfect Idiosyncrasy

Idiosyncrasy Ella

I am not sure how this affected this post, but in the interests of full disclosure, all the photos were shot, cropped and edited while I was laying down sharing a pillow with my cat who purred loudly in my ears while he watched me work. There’s something so relaxing about a purring cat, but that doubles down when they are laying so close you can feel every rumble of their purr. Of course, there was also the delight of discovering the fun new makeups in this lovely new Ella skin from Idiosyncrasy for Vanity Universe Skin Fair. I really was in a good place.

Idiosyncrasy Ella
Ella is a gorgeous skin from Ashia Tomsen of Idiosyncrasy. It comes in three shades, Pale, Medium and Dark. I think I was purrfectly neglectful and forgot to shoot a pic of the dark tone, but you can see it on her Flickr photostream. I am showing off the lovely Kim lingerie from Baiastice and the fun flats from Periquita. The many fun makeup options and lip tattoos are after the cut.
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What a Gem!

Lelutka Gem DB Makeup 7_009

Lelutka has new skin for Vanity Universe Skin Fair. There are two new faces of Lelutka, but for today I want to focus on this little gem. The skin has a lovely dreamy quality to it. It also has a unique tattoo layer addition that is great for those of us in our mid-thirties and up who don’t want to look as though we need to be carded wherever we go – a layer with a few soft, subtle lines under the eyes. I am glad to see some age diversity developing in Second Life® skins.

Lelutka Gem c

The body is lusciously shaded with beautiful highlights and a toned, but soft and feminine body. I have to point out the adorable poses, by the way, from a new set for StoRin. Annah Whitfield has been on a semi-sabbatical for a while, but she’s come back with Something Cute – the name of her set – and with a bang.
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Mesmeric Fingers Softly Touch

Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie 08 Snowstorm_001

Still, is the bustle in the Brook —
Sealed are the spicy valves —
Mesmeric fingers softly touch
The Eyes of many Elves —

Emily Dickinson, Poem XLIX

Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie

Emily Dickinson wrote about elves more than once. She truly saw the world in a grain of sand and was inspired by the natural world and by her fantasies. Emilia Redgrave has been inspired by fantasy lately. Whether you look at her dramatic Trinity skins inspired by vampires or her rugged action hero King skins for men complete with blood and bruises or her latest release for Vanity Universe Skin Fair, Avie, the Fairy skin, these skins are important contributions to the fantastical lives of Second Life residents. Just as Trinity is the quintessential vampiress, Avie perfectly expresses the naturalistic world of elves and fairies with her fresh, glowing healthy skin and that healthy outdoor blush on her cheeks.
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Skin, Skin & More Skin

PXL Linda NAT Gold Lips smoke_001

Vanity Universe Skin Fair got off to a busy start – with a full sim of excited skin shoppers delighting in the new releases and swimming in a sea of demos. PXL Creations newest release for the Fair is Linda Gen3. Hart Larsson released it before the Fair, so many of you may have seen it. I was sick, though, and only got to unpack it until Sunday. I had to blog it even though it’s been blogged several times because it’s such a beautiful and elegant skin. It’s exactly the sort of skin I love, luminous and elegant with many options to allow us to get the exact look we want.

PXL Linda NAT Rose Lips_003

It’s not just the elegant makeups that make me fall in love with PXL Creations skins, it’s the soft and tender sexiness of the body. The tummy and the derriere are delightfully sexy. Special touches are a few stray moles. There’s also a full body tattoo of freckles and cleavage tattoo layers for those who want more uplift.
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