Digitally Enhanced

Slap me before I pun again. Many of you have seen several of Digit Darkes new sex-on-wheels outfits this past week so I thought I would show you one and focus mainly on the hairstyle I am wearing with it. I organize my hair into two main folders, one for Red Hair and one for everything else. The Red Hair Folder is the big one and inside it I have the expected sub-folders for short, medium etc. One folder, though, I have labelled photo hair and in it I keep those photo-loving hairstyles that are not quite made for walking around, but that look wonderful in a photo. The new Esme hairstyle from Exile is going in that folder.

As you can see, the long hair is swept well back so that it does not intersect with the body in wide range of poses. Several strands fly about in front of the face, though, so the impression of movement is given.  In a static pose like this, the hair seems alive with movement and strangely enough when the avatar is moving the hair seems static. This photo also shows the lovely bronze necklace from Armidi and the stunning bangles from Dark Mouse.

Here you can see the full length of the hair and how well it avoids strange intersections. You can also see the too-hot-for-Monday-morning-thank-goodness-it’s-a-holiday hotness from Digit Darkes. One of the many Kisses Dresses she released last week, this is Puzzle in Cacao.

Of course, when I wear photo hair, I inevitably have to mess around with photo filters like Ghost and play with lighting because, well, mainly because it’s fun. Still, since it’s for the blog, I didn’t make any fixes.

The skin is Belleza and the eyes are Poetic Color – a new shade he’s released that’s a darker green.

***STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Boudoir Rouge
  • Skin: Belleza Belle Bronzed Mocha R
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Nails: Symphony Skins
  • Hair: Exile Esme
  • Dress: Digit Darkes Kisses Dress Puzzle in Cacao R
  • stockings: Chapel Hill Panty House No 0003
  • Shoes: Adam N Eve Seductress
  • Necklace: Armidi Niama
  • Earrings: Persona Wood Split
  • Bangles: Dark Mouse Lotus Flower Bamboo R

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