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A Modern Carol Brady – Courtesy of MY ATTIC at THE DECK


I ran not walked this morning to get over to The Deck to check out the new 95L sale event – MY ATTIC. It’s chocked full of awesome and from people you’ve actually heard of – like Maitreya, Exile, Idiosyncracy, Miel and on and on.

I grabbed a few things but need to go back later. However, most of my look for Gidge’s day today is courtesy of My Attic at the Deck. You can hop this link for a ride. Continue reading



I didn’t know the store Jack Spoon until I saw this dress for Back to Black – the mental health awareness event that is currently hosted by Chic Management. The print is a wild Versace-esque print with a lace inset on the bodice. With the long sleeves and the high collar, there are references to modesty which take on a cheeky wit when balanced with that cutout bodice and short skirt.

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Dreaming Girl Dreams

I got the new reading daybed from LISP BAZAAR because I thought it went great up in my attic.

I spent my weekend nestled into my space, reading and dreaming the dreams girls dreams – like knights on white horses, being cherished and beloved, having a lover who is your best friend, and of course ….of Unicorns. Continue reading

Remember That Time Truth Made Hair?

I still love hair with clips and barrettes in it. Just saying. I truly do.

Shortie today, busy RL.

Your Shopping List:

Hair: Truth Evelyn and Sophie
Tattoos: TATTOO ART *RockStar tattoo* light 2
Eyeliner: Idiosyncrasy Makeup – Eyeliner 3
Lipstick: -Belleza- Erika Pale lips 4
Lashes: [Stellar] Doll Lashes 2
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: -Belleza- Erika Pale 1 (cleavage)
Eyes: Poetic Colors: classic – coral reef (m) bright

On Safari

While updating my notecard, I dressed for my travels in a lovely pair of capris and a comfortable leopard print top from Kunglers for Culture Shock. Now, let’s hope I don’t run into any leopards who might take umbrage . They looked so “safari chic” I had to pop back to Cap Estel to shoot some pics on safari. It’s a great place to visit and you can tour the safari by riding the giraffe which will take you around the park to see all the animals.
Some people might say it’s rude to mock the animals while on safari, but really isn’t humor part of the raison d’etre of ostriches?
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Purrfect Idiosyncrasy

Idiosyncrasy Ella

I am not sure how this affected this post, but in the interests of full disclosure, all the photos were shot, cropped and edited while I was laying down sharing a pillow with my cat who purred loudly in my ears while he watched me work. There’s something so relaxing about a purring cat, but that doubles down when they are laying so close you can feel every rumble of their purr. Of course, there was also the delight of discovering the fun new makeups in this lovely new Ella skin from Idiosyncrasy for Vanity Universe Skin Fair. I really was in a good place.

Idiosyncrasy Ella
Ella is a gorgeous skin from Ashia Tomsen of Idiosyncrasy. It comes in three shades, Pale, Medium and Dark. I think I was purrfectly neglectful and forgot to shoot a pic of the dark tone, but you can see it on her Flickr photostream. I am showing off the lovely Kim lingerie from Baiastice and the fun flats from Periquita. The many fun makeup options and lip tattoos are after the cut.
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Through the skins we choose we define who we are. Or, who we are on that day. When I joined the Grid four years ago I had two skins which I wore for over a year.
Thankfully, those days are over and now we’re chameleons who change our colors like we change our minds. Just like in real life, we can paint on a different face to show you the version of beautiful we want to be today.
I thought I’d kick off with a boutique skin from IDIOSYNCRASY which is owned by Ashia Tomsen.
Ashia is a long time resident of the grid as well and one of the loveliest people I’ve ever interacted with. She’s released ELLA for the skin fair so I thought I’d share with you some of the beautiful makeup options available to personalize this release to your taste.

First – the NON traditional looks I love!

I think the version that looks like lizard or cracked stone – on the right………..is so compelling. I can’t figure out what I reminds me of but I love it. Continue reading

Looking Idiosyncratic

Idiosyncrasy’s Justice is a delightful skin that makes me think of the women you see in a de Lempicka painting. I love the rich, bold lipstick and eyeshadow and the strong look of this skin. It is a fundraiser skin for CARE International at the Skin Expo and a wonderful addition to any inventory.  I wore it with the multi-color jewelry from Bliensen & Maitai because it suited the lovely halter top I picked up at Different Drummer – a new to me store.

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Can I Borrow Your Shirt?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Ashia Tomsen was a sweetie and dropped some review skins on me from one of her latest releases. I’m wearing her JUSTICE – Charity skin and omg, it screams glam sexy to me. 

I am rarely a fan of the pouty lip – unless it’s done “just so” and for my taste anyway, Ashia has nailed it. I’ll be wearing some more of these in future posts (which I have shot) but I just felt so glam in this one I had to bring it out first.

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