Omnibus: New Skin Preview, Tattoos, Studio Tour Pt IV

For those of you concerned that blog reading is bloating your inventory, take a deep breath and relax. Today’s post is about two items you can’t buy today. The first is a preview of a new skin from Hart Larsson to be released in September. The skin is a collaboration with Nardya Rousselot, the tattoo artist, and has lovely, feminine tattoos.

To reflect and highlight the tattoo design, I chose a swimsuit that harmonizes perfectly, but is not on sale. It was a group gift from bijou, the Sail Away swimsuit. This was a gift to group members in July – and a good reason to belong to the bijou group. Yes, I know, it’s not subscribe-o-matic and uses up one of those precious slots, but bijou has amazingly generous freebies and group gifts and deserves its 4% of your group space.

Studio clients don’t always want studio backdrops and want their photos shot in-world. We keep a long list of in-world sites for photo-shoots in a note card that you can pick up in the work room from a giver anytime. It’s updated about once a month. However, in-word shots often take time, have bystanders and sometimes are further complicated by restrictions on rezzing pose balls. Most people want something simple – a shot on the beach. We use the island for that – with little tableaus set up such as this wave rock on the beach. We keep the likeliest poses there, Boudoir Rouge, Long Awkward Pose’s Swimsuit poses, etc.  In this photo, you can see more of the swimsuit – the bijou group gift – and the color-changing handy dandy flip flops from Detour. Aha! It’s not an entirely bloat-free post.

A favorite tableau is the waterfall – couples love getting photos in a clinch in the waterfall with all the metaphors that entails. On a complete stray tangent, have you ever seen Iranian films under current censorship?  They don’t always fade to black, sometimes they fade to waterfall. There’s also a tanning rock of turquoise coral, a campfire, sand castles and beach chairs and some lily pads under a lovely arching tree. Adding some rainbows and sunlight from botanical and some lightning – all out and handy for moving in and out of photos – we can do an in-world shoot in the time it normally takes to do a studio shoot. For more photos, you can look at Flickr

Now here you get a closer look at the face. You can see how much more dramatic the eye makeup is in this Glam Eyes style. You also can see the delicate laciness of the tattoos that don’t overrun the body but instead are placed to highlight the body’s curves and assets.

I will finish this post back in a photosphere – the reliable mainstay of my photography. I love the spheres for a host of reasons. The first 10 reasons though are the mere 10 prims a sphere uses. Such a light footprint for something so valuable. We have 4 rezzed at Koh Nana, two in the work room, two on the ocean floor. Each one has a different group of custom textures we have added over time. For example, one upstairs has some stucco textures I made for a building I worked on. One on the ocean floor has some batik fabrics which have found their way into a bunch of posts here.

I added a skirt and shoes to the swimsuit as I was waiting eagerly for the new release from Stiletto Moody and didn’t want to pop over there in a swimsuit. I am so glad i added this skirt from Zagoskin and the SM shoes as Francesca was there and I joined her in sitting in a box posing for half an hour or so. Ever the pixel prude, I was so happy to have the skirt (and the glitch pants – you should have seen the pose!!!)  Now this is the copper skirt, but I just tinted it red to match it to the ribbon on the suit and the color of the EarthTones jewelry.  Zagoskin is wonderful that way, letting you tint your skirts, just make sure you use select texture and deselect the belt buckle.

Statements regarding PXL Creations Content Theft Allegation: From Laqroki From PXL Creations
There has been no DCMA filed.

  • Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook @ MDR Photo Studio
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Skin: PXL Creations Crys Sunkissed Glam Makeup Tattoo. The Tattoo is made by Nardya Rousselot of Tattoos by Nardya
  • Nails: Candy Nail Red
  • Hair: Analog Dog Sugar with Yum bangs – Brown Sugar and tinted
  • Swimsuit: Bijou group goodie bag SailAway
  • Skirt: Zagoskin Ella Copper Red Velvet Skirt (tinted by me)
  • Shoes: Detour Flip Flops/Stiletto Moody Foxy Slingback Red
  • Jewelry: EarthTones cPc! Love and Lipstick Earrings and Necklace
  • All SLURLS are in the directory.

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