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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To the Photo Shoot

posted by Gidge Uriza

It started out simply enough. I’m in World. Cajsa is in World. One of us says “Wanna shoot?” – the other agrees and she TPs me into her photo studio at MDR. I land in the sphere with her and wander out to the platform to wait for the world to rezz a bit.

Ya with me?

I spin around and take a look at the cute outfit she’s got on, sweet little casual skirt look with a denim jacket.  Myself I was wearing my “PRIM WHORE” shirt from Weirdiculous that I got for my first REZZ day and had my title all planned out “KNOW THYSELF”……..

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Rock Me 2Nite

posted by Gidge Uriza

Maht celebrated his RL Bday a few days ago by holding a small listening party for his friends, where we gathered and enjoyed his music.  It was a great opportunity to break out this piece from Kungler’s, which has retro-store chic written all over it.  My grandma’s pearls with a big flowery broach added to an elegant shrug jacket top off the form fitting pinstripe pants – to me this outfit brings a modern cut to a 50s pansuit.  As though I were wealthy, walked into Chanel and said.”I saw this pantsuit in Time Magazine from 1952 – can you spin me out a modern version?” Continue reading

Bubblegum Lip Smacker – (And the Best Freebie Earrings in SL)

posted by Gidge Uriza

Maht was DJing at the Garage one night and at a loss for what to wear, I pulled together some oldies and newbies for a fun club ensemble. The skin I picked up at the Velvet Heart hunt on Bianca’s new shopping sim just reminded me too much of the days of slathering my lips with bubblegum lip gloss.

The kind that actually tastes good.  Continue reading

If you go out in the woods today…

I went for a walk in the woods today and thought this lovely floral challis dress suited my mood perfectly. From ACgirl, It’s actually a babydoll, but I lowered the skirt prim to better suit my preference for dresses with a waist. The woods were lovely, dark and deep… but thankfully I could teleport so it was a quick trip home.

More photos on Flickr. There’s an additional photo and style notes after the jump.

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