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Omnibus: New Skin Preview, Tattoos, Studio Tour Pt IV

For those of you concerned that blog reading is bloating your inventory, take a deep breath and relax. Today’s post is about two items you can’t buy today. The first is a preview of a new skin from Hart Larsson to be released in September. The skin is a collaboration with Nardya Rousselot, the tattoo artist, and has lovely, feminine tattoos.

To reflect and highlight the tattoo design, I chose a swimsuit that harmonizes perfectly, but is not on sale. It was a group gift from bijou, the Sail Away swimsuit. This was a gift to group members in July – and a good reason to belong to the bijou group. Yes, I know, it’s not subscribe-o-matic and uses up one of those precious slots, but bijou has amazingly generous freebies and group gifts and deserves its 4% of your group space. Continue reading