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Merry Christmas, Baccara Rhodes

Baccara Rhodes_006

In Oregon, there are all sorts of buildings, streets and villages named after our pioneers. If we did that in Second Life, surely there would be many towns, sims and maybe even an ocean named after today’s guest stylist. Second Life launched on June 23, 2003 and just a little over a month later on July 10th, Bacarra Rhodes rezzed in-world for the first time.  In the book, Second Life: The Official Guide she is even designated The Grid Queen.

Baccara Rhodes_010

When I saw her gorgeous purple ball gown I wanted to shoot at Wanderstill on the Ode sim which reminds me so much of Monet with its lush abundance of flowers. I also used Elysium Elide’s windlight settings to give me that saturated rich purple sky.

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Mixing it up a bit

Sometimes outfits are so complete and create such a statement that we don’t think about trying to mix them up with other clothes. They have such a strong look as they are. This sometimes makes frugal shoppers think twice about buying since they believe they will only get one look, but I would submit that if the clothing makes a strong statement as a whole, its parts will be strong as well and can be mashed up with other outfits. For example, here we have Mina from Blue Blood where I have switched out the skirt for a more casual look.

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