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Gidge Goes Tomboy…Well Sort Of….

posted by Gidge Uriza

The Rosalie Blazer from Pink Outfitters is a classic female cut blazer that has a really sweet feminine prim attachment – which after I got dressed decided was more girly than I wanted for this look.

Yes you heard me, it was too girly. Please write this day down on your calendar. Continue reading

Party All Night Long

I wore this Friday night – the evening of Bandana Day and dutifully wore it with a bandana even though I went to the grand opening party of the new Naive store. I really enjoyed the dance which was dj’ed by Summer Deadlight who worked the playlist with humorous little sets of songs that kept the party mood light, happy and a bit antic. I thought it might be declasse to wear something by someone else to the Naive party, but then realized that of course it was not. So I wore this love party dress from Modern Gypsy. He’s just released a new collection, though when I ran over to check it out, what’s the first thing that caught my eye? This little number from his last collection.  Oh well, I don’t mind being trailing edge fashion when it looks this hot and is this perfect for a dance party. Continue reading