Yourskin is Delightful

posted by Gidge Uriza

You might think that I like every skin given to me, that like a crack-fiend – I can find no flaw with my drug of choice.

And that is where you would be wrong. You see – I try on a LOT of skins, I receive many as review items and others I go hunting down based on blogs and plurks about what people have released.

Much of the time I slip into the new pixel shell and say OH HELL WHAT IS THIS?

You never see those skins. Because I want to look pretty, and I want YOU to look pretty, therefore it only behooves me to bring you that which pleases me and I hope will please you.

Thus, Yourskin.

This is such a youthful, bright face that I couldn’t resist an outfit from Kuri style, to compliment the modern look of the face.

I’m also wearing a really festive zodiac necklace from one of my new fave places, Studio Sidhe (Faery Sola makes really unique pieces) and I got some new eyes, just for grins. I was wandering around Earthstones and suddenly realized I KNEW Abraxxa had done eyes but had never checked them out. I wear Purple Rain by FNKY compulsively but something drew me to these. Waddya think?

I think they are extraordinary. I might bring them out more often rather than just laying back on my 2 year old FNKY eyes. They are awfully unique.

Here is your hangover cure for you St Pat’s revelers, take two motrin + two multivitamins which contain b-complex and wash it all down with 20 oz. of caffeinated soda pop (cola). You’ll feel much better in about an hour.

Apparently I’ve been drunk hairshopping again – cuz I have no memory of acquiring this from Laqroki. But there it is, in my Sunkissed shade!

Fashion Details

***Bold R indicates a review item***

  • Shape Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – YOUR SKIN B Chiarel – Luminose Rose
  • Hair – Laqroki – Baby 07 – Sunkissed R
  • Eyes – Earthstones Labrodite Mystery
  • Outfit including Stockings – Kuri Style – One Piece 59 Meriume
  • Shoes- Sn@tch– Trash HEels in Purple Velvet
  • Nails – Love Soul French Purple
  • Necklace – Studio Sidhe – Astrology Charm – Libra
  • Earrings – MC Widgets – Mily Earring
  • Lashes – Cybernetic
  • Cute – Me. 🙂 Just checking to see if you are reading.

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