Quelque part au-delà de la mer

posted by Gidge Uriza

I have to tell you guys a story while I show off this gorgeous, femme bikini/shorts set from Prelude.

Once upon a time I held a party and Cajsa’s tp’d in two of her friends – Polaire and Cezare. I instantly liked them. They were witty – they were full of wry repartee and good conversationalists. People who can carry on conversations on the grid can be hard to find – can’t they. You know – people who don’t think KEWLIES is an appropriate response to everything you say?

Needless to say, Silo and I were delighted to meet them.  Cajsa whispered in my ear “Polaire is the creator at Prelude” to which I said “Who?”…….la la la went on about my way.  But between that party and the next we all attended the GONG went off in my head and I realized OMG! PRELUDE!

Wait a minute! Witty, interesting AND a brilliant designer!?!? STOP THE PRESSES!

Now there has been some blathering about bloggers who “only blog their friends” or who pimp their friends needlessly/too much. To which I say STFU.

Seriously. I know a lot of people who create. Some of them, frankly, are just NOT very good. I love them. But – they don’t get photoshoot time from me. Just like other creators who send review items that aren’t the quality you expect to see here – no one gets press time JUST because I love them.

But with like 1 exception, everyone here who gets time shot I DO love endlessly for both their creative genius and usually their fun personality as well.

So there. Polaire Aeghin is my friend. 🙂 And his creations are PRELUDE – I highly recommend checking them out.

Style Notes


  • Skin – YOURSKIN – R
  • Hair – Argrace – Yes they make non-hathair too
  • Eyes – Poetic Color
  • Swimsuit – PRELUDE – La Mer
  • Shoes – Shiny Things

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