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In case you missed it

may14_004I am pretty sure most of you will have heard that Angelina Jolie had a prophylactic double mastectomy and wrote about her decision in the New York Times today. It took courage to share her medical history, but she did it in hopes that more women might have the knowledge they need to avoid breast cancer.  Sadly, at the moment the genes for that diagnosis are owned by one company which charges a prohibitive and highly inflated fee for the genetic test. The Supreme Court has the opportunity to remedy that soon, but who knows what they will do.  This does relate to my photos because the hair from Exile reminds me of Jolie.
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Wee Little Me


I stopped by at Avatar Games this morning and got to feel like a wee little tyke. The back wheel of the velocipede dwarfs my avatar.


Luckily I was dressed in some casual clothing suitable for climbing mountains of books. The casual tank is from Pink Outfitters. I was tempted by the cuteness of this purse from MiaMai for The Critter Society arcade. With pandas, fox, raccoons and other critters in a rainbow of colors, even the Grinch would find one to tease out a smile.

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Art and Fashion


On Project Runway this week, Zac Posen explained the need for fashion to succeed commercially, adding that Fashion is not a Fine Art because it must be commercial. Then, I saw this dress from Shiki working in collaboration with the artist Vinn Wong and I have to ask, how is this not Fine Art?
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Feelin’ Groovy


I loved the new off-the-shoulder top from Peqe so much that it overcame my usual resistance to bare-midriff clothing. Normally I would have paired it with high-waisted pants or a skirt, but there was something so whimsical about it that I pulled on this shorts from Pink Outfitters with an adorable belted bow.

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Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes


Pink Outfitters released a fun Fawkes Fur jacket for faMESHed. In black, red and grey, it’s ready to top just about anything. 

All my people need food and water
And Baby needs a new pair of shoes
July sun gettin’ hotter and hotter
And Baby needs a new pair of shoes
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At The Office

At The Office


It was a busy day at the office yesterday. My To Do list was a mile long and I don’t think it got any shorter by the end of my day. Fortunately, Cajsa has put up a lovely new office at Glookbone so at least if I have to sort through the work part of my SL I have a pretty place to do it. Continue reading

Vox clamantis in deserto


One of the reasons MadPea’s Carneval is so successful is the sound. With ominous mutterings, sussurating winds and voices crying out the sound adds to the atmosphere and adds the element of surprise that can startle one. They are not technically crying in the wilderness, but I am taking liberties with language today. I was well-prepared for the cold, blowing winds of the Carneval with my new Winter hair from Truth, complete with a winter scarf that changes color using a HUD.


I was not prepared for the ghostly shadows that appeared suddenly out of nowhere. I reacted with alarm, but I think the ghost was scared away by color. After all, his world is all black and white and there I was in a riot of pink from, oddly enough, Pink Outfitters. The lovely striped Lulu tube skirt comes in a rainbow of colors as does the Victoria lace jumper I wore with it.

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New And Old

The New Office

My busy Friday started with going over to our new office at Glookbone to check out the studios and the build. Cajsa picked up one of the more lovely buildings at Scarlet Creative for our new office, it’s got great windows for pics so I couldn’t resist firing one off. Love the lights through the blinds. Continue reading

Heat Rises


One of the blessings (curses) of living in an upper floor apartment is the simple law of physics that heat rises. What that means in practical terms is that my downstairs neighbor pays for heat and I get most of it. I don’t turn on the heat. Right now it is 48°F outside (9°C) and I have two windows open and the fan running and it’s 76° in here. I imagine my downstairs neighbor as a lizard cranking up the heat and basking by the heater, warming his cold blood. It is hard to imagine a warm-blooded creature needing that much heat.

Heat rises in fashion, too, and I think the heat is bringing some really great stuff to the top at faMESHEd. Take this fabulous bodycon dress from Pink Outfitters. It’s figure hugging as any bodycon dress should be and comes in rich, saturated colors such as this fabulous eggplant. It also comes with fitted belts in silver and white. I love the long sleeves and simple round neckline that makes it perfect for big statement jewelry. My only quibble is that while dancing, there is an occasional break on the back of the legs where the leg will come through the mesh in some movements. This doesn’t bother me since coming from the era of sculpties and system skirts, that is a minor glitch.

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