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Blogging My Bedroom Floor Day Five:A Whole Bunch Of Stuff

posted by Gidge

I was determined that I was not going to stop getting dressed until I had a complete outfit this time.

It was the tank from BLOWPOP that started it out. After I had it on, I realized that despite the fact that I’d already opened these roller skates that I got for December Dollingers rezz day party, the box was sitting there and hell, that means it qualified!

I also had the hair from Simply Britnee and so I pulled out one of the beautiful skins from Blowpop and some of my favorite shorts from Second Wave Apparel. I needed the bandaids cuz, ummm, I can’t skate in either life. Continue reading

Casual Friday – One Day Early

posted by Gidge Uriza

I need to be done with the week. I swear stick a fork in me I’m DONE! And I was so in love with my new high tops from Pro Spec that I had to just go casual a day early.

In the 80s,I was absolutely a Chuck Taylor and Reebok High Top Girl. I can rock some high tops, thus whenever I run into any that melt my butter, I get all sentimental and smiley faced. Continue reading

Bathing Beauty

posted by Gidge Uriza

There are a handful of creators who put out new releases at a discounted price upon release, for a limited time, or do one color in a discounted price for a limited time. Second Wave Apparel is one of those, and I excitedly open her notices to see if the new goodies are something I want.

When I noticed the halter top came with panties to make it a retro-style swimsuit, I was sold. Continue reading