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My Morning Adventure

My morning started simple enough, I thought I’d blog a dress that I had hung on my dressing room wall months ago, as decoration. I’d kind of forgotten it was a dress. But upon looking at it, I wasn’t sure it’d fit. Maybe Gidge had gained weight… Continue reading

This Post Lacks Ninjas and Tigers -But Has Makeup #13

posted by Gidge Uriza

All videos in the 80s needed fog, wind, outrageous and bold face makeup (even on the boys), big tall hair that would stand up and NOT sway in the wind (thank you AquaNet) and if you were REALLY putting effort into your production – NINJAS AND TIGERS.

(Point of reference – Total Eclipse of the Heart Video, I promise, You Tube It.) Continue reading

Yourskin is Delightful

posted by Gidge Uriza

You might think that I like every skin given to me, that like a crack-fiend – I can find no flaw with my drug of choice.

And that is where you would be wrong. You see – I try on a LOT of skins, I receive many as review items and others I go hunting down based on blogs and plurks about what people have released.

Much of the time I slip into the new pixel shell and say OH HELL WHAT IS THIS?

You never see those skins. Because I want to look pretty, and I want YOU to look pretty, therefore it only behooves me to bring you that which pleases me and I hope will please you.

Thus, Yourskin. Continue reading

A rose is a rose

Kuri’s Style has many dainty and feminine dresses including a lovely 5L bargan that several other people have blogged. When I went to get that freebie, a couple other things caught my eye, including the sweet dress this top belongs too. The other outfit I had just taken off was quite similar so I wanted a different look and opted to dig an old skirt out of my closet to finish the look.

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The Three Graces

Last night was a bit of an adventure. I had just found a SqueeCute Halloween costume for 1 Linden at Kuri Style. I was getting ready to shoot it but thought I needed more flamboyant shoes. I recalled these absolutely outrageous-in-a-good way shoes I had seen earlier on an equally outrageous-in-a-bad way woman, Shoes I complimented her on only to get hit over the head with a barrage of rudeness. Oh well, let’s not go there.

Instead, let’s go to Xcentricity where I encountered Newdoll Nikolaidis and Allesist Klaar, two adventurers who are also on the Outrageous Shoes Quest, a lifelong, neverending quest that gives life meaning. We clicked our heels and headed back to the studio to shoot a photo of the 3 of us, all in our new dragonfly shoes – a Halloween gift from XCentricity. Yes, we had just met, but questers on the Way of the Outrageous Shoe have a bond. Newdoll also shot a photo as well and I love what she did with it. Check it out here. And yes, you can like it better than my photos. I like it better than my photos.

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If Funk and Punk Had a Baby

posted by Gidge Uriza

She would totally dress like this.

When Cajsa suggested Play that Funky Music as our theme for the midweek MDR party I knew right away which new dress I was going to wriggle into.  From Kuri Style, I got turned onto this dress when I first saw it on Free*Style and had been waiting for a fun social event to wear it to. And of course any excuse to pull out one of my favorite hairstyles – Edgy Wilds from Diversity Hair. I can’t even find this hair anymore at the shop so I may be the only one on the grid who liked it.  (Note – ALERI DARKES I LOVE THIS HAIR!) Continue reading