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Jazz Nights


The little town of May’s Landing alongside The Chamber Society is a beautiful 1920s social club, one on the risqué side of town. 

Collabor88 is celebrating its second anniversary with a huge showcase – two stories featuring all the regulars and all the guests from the past year. It is the biggest Collabor88 showcase yet and best of all, it features the clothing from one of my favorite fashion eras, the 1920s. I first fell in love with the 1920s during my summer visits to my great aunt who was kindly called “a character.” She had been good friends with F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and she and her husband partied with them at their apartment on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. However, time moved on and they and she did not.


This lovely dress from The Secret Store is materials ready – and so lustrous in the moonlight.

How could a child not adore her, this 70-something woman dressed in rich, beaded and embroidered flapper gowns and gold and silver encrusted pumps with her hennaed hair in a bob with a flower on the side. She told wonderful stories of that era. Stories of speakeasies, parties and jazz. She taught me songs, dances and filled my head with stories of their parties, of meeting Charles Lindbergh before he disgraced himself, of Louis Tiffany and of course, Scott and Zelda. She loved that era and never left it. Yes, she was a few bubbles off plumb and probably looked ridiculous dressing in fashions sixty years out of time, but for a child – she was incomparable. Besides, she was family and families love their odd ducks.  Continue reading

Labors of Love


The things we do for love…Take this lovely dress made by Monica Outlander of MiaMai. One of the frustrating elements of living with cancer for Squinternet is that she would still love to create, she still has ideas and her imagination is still dancing along the runway of glamour and whimsy. The pain, though, of sitting at the computer and working prevents her from realizing her ideas. Monica understood that frustration as only another artist can and offered herself as an amanuensis for Squinternet’s idea, collaborating with her in creating this first MiaMai for Donna Flora dress – a new release at the Donna Flora store.
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Let There Be Luz



I was searching on Marketplace, on the hunt for a jacket. I have no idea why this came up in my search, but I am happy it did. It’s a lovely skirt and tunic mesh dress (one piece) from LuzieFree Designs by Luzie Cheng. While she has obviously been around a long time, this was my first time seeing her work. As you can see, the looks is summer cool and casual, loose and with thin, light fabric. I love the design and the print side panel. Some of the details are just amazing.

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Hair Fair 2013 – Kicks off Over Coffee with DECO

Blogger Preview of HAIR FAIR 2013 has begun so I didn’t even change my clothes, I just ran straight over and into the first shop I saw, which was DECO! Guess what? They have hair.

This is one of them.

Messy buns are on the RL fashion hot list for fall so snatch this one up. It’s an adorable mesh up-do style with dreamy whisps floating about. It’s a must have for you well dressed girls.

Have a beautiful Friday girls!

Hair Fair 2013 Preview – DECO

Gidge Is Wearing:
Lashes:cheLLe – Eyelashes 6
Top: (Milk Motion) 3d flowers lace top- S – nude
Skin: -Belleza- Betty Pale Vintage 2
Eyes: Nomine Stained Eyes – green medium
HAIR: DECO – Hiveish Hair – BARK

Pop vs. Soda


The Soda Pop Dress from Deco for April’s Collabor88 reminded me of the ancient cultural struggle between those who say Soda and those who say Pop and the outliers who say Coke. It’s a conflict that has been mapped and researched and will probably continue long after we all are gone. DECO’s designer sidestepped the controversy by called the dress the Soda Pop dress, showing a keen instinct for diplomacy.

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Dream Visitors


I was about 10 minutes late starting my DJ set on Monday night. I took a nap before the set and lingered in one of those waking dreams where you are mostly awake, but hang onto that dream because you really don’t want to let go. It was a bizarre dream. I was grocery shopping with my mother and searching frantically for some barbecue sauce to make some short ribs while my mom stood in one spot insisting “I would be happy with just a turnip.” It’s not the sort of dream one would cling to, except Mom died in 2006 and it was good to see her, even if she just wanted a turnip. Today is Mother’s Day in the UK and I am seeing Happy Mother’s Day wishes on my timeline and thinking of Mom. I am glad I get to see her from time to time, even in silly dreams with turnips.
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Musical Sunday


I have prepped my set for this morning, Jazz brought to you by the letter J at The Velvet from 9 to 11 AM. Yes, I am that silly person who will fill a two hour set of music with John Coltrane, Illinois Jacquet, Etta James and J.J. Johnson just because their first or last names start with J. Still, it’s a great set of classic jazz by fabulous artists and who knew there were so many Js? I will be wearing this fabulous gown from Kunglers that makes me feel like a jazz chanteuse with its slinky, glittery shapely style. It comes in several colors with different textures for the skirt from this light-hearted green with the circles to a wild red print, purple stripes and some much more restrained art deco gold, silver and black.

HPR presents INDIE PUB CRAWL 2013

This afternoon and evening feature a great musical event. I will have to miss some of it for real life company, but it should be great fun. If you’re online this afternoon, you should definitely check it out – and discover new clubs.

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Totum quod splendet


It’s true, all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it is bronze, silver or platinum. And sometimes it is a bit of all at once as in this gorgeous top from Fashionably Dead. The peplum top is available at Collabor88 where the theme this month seems to be proving that glitter comes in every color. I dressed it up with the bottom of the Kamille dress from Countdown. One of the advantages of combining mesh with system layers, as Countdown has, is the ability to mix and match which makes me happy.
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My Supervisor

Blog Supervisor

As you can see, my blog pictures and posts are all done under close supervision by Oscar. Because I reached for the camera and shifted back to take the picture, he is positioned a little farther from the laptop than he likes to sit while I work. While I am working, his preferred position is on the very edge of the laptop with his front paws on my forearm and his forehead leaning against my chin, completely blocking my view of the keyboard. Apparently he liked this shot because he walked across the keyboard and saved this shot to disk.


This is the picture Oscar took. The dress is from LIV-Glam and is a fabulous party gown that comes with a HUD allowing me to change it from silver to gold. It’s a perfect dress for us indecisive folks.
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Twinkle Twinkle Velvet Gown


Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice excels at creating romantic ballgowns that combine classical design elements with a modern sensibility. Every year she releases a holiday collection that features stunning romanticism with high power glam. That’s exactly what you get with the Mana dress I am wearing today. From the modern era, you get the fabulously glam metallic fabric that forms the bodice and the half-sash that separates the bodice from the skirt.

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