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Sea Shepherdess

I wouldn’t be a very good shepherdess. First of all because sheep stink to hell. I used to spend time in the winter in far northern Minnesota with my cousins, who had a huge sheep farm. It would be freezing cold like nothing I’ve ever known. My cousins would put fireplace warmed bricks at the feet of our beds, wrapped in towels, to keep our feet warm and warm up the sheets. Continue reading

Sweater Dresses are Hot For Fall!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I was headed to THE VELVET to dance my heart out with Cajsa during our friend Maht’s Sunday set when this great sweater dress was dropped on me from Linc. It comes in an array of colors and they’ve done a nice job with the skirt prim.

It was a nice Sunday afternoon kind of dress to club in. Plus it’s wintery cozy – I love the big oversized collar on it.  It would also look great with slacks (expect to see it that way!)

So I let my hair down and danced the afternoon away with Cajsa.

I’m wearing the Fishnet Tights from BLOWPOP which are great with this sweater dress.  Annyka did an awesome job creating them. Continue reading

Salut to Neferia and The Art of the Party Dress

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is a very short list of creators who make what I call “traditional party dresses” of high quality. I have always counted on Ivalde to supply me with a good deal of my inventory in this category, I suppose because it was the 1950s in my last life? Continue reading