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An Event Trifecta


So now that my computer has been repaired I was able to hop over to Collabor88, The Arcade and faMESHed without getting a black screen kernel panic meltdown. Things are still not quite right and I think I will have to upgrade my operating system to Lion to get shadows again, but now I can go where there are people.

My dress is from Ingenue for the Collabor88 event and comes in many colors. It’s a perfect foundation dress to wear with scarfs, jackets or to show off fun jewelry. Its simply lines make it a wonderful frame for fun accessories. Speaking of fun accessories, here’s another of the pesca scarves from The Arcade Gacha. I plurked about my desperate desire for one of these stoles when Arcade opened while my computer was still in bad shape and was lucky to receive several different ones from friends. This pink plaid seems made for the Ingenue dress.

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I Get By With a Little Help With My Friends.


My computer has been hobbling along lately, in need of a new graphics card and system upgrades. That is one reason why I shoot fewer pictures with shadows and projectors. I can crash if I even think about doing that. But the worst symptom is how antisocial my computer has become. Any crowd, even if I drop RenderAvatarMaxVisible to 1 overwhelms and crashes my computer. I can rez about two people before crashing, so when I DJ I zoom in on the wall so I don’t see anyone. Needless to say, huge events like the Arcade Gacha are completely off limits. I saw one item in the shopping guide that I wanted desperately. I did run around to several yard sales on this huge list of gacha yard sales, but the people who are buying the pesca stoles are keeping them. Fortunately, I get by with a little help from my friends. The red plaid stole I wore yesterday was a gift from Gidge and Sylvia Olivier dropped this and a pink version of the Pesca stoles on me. They are certainly my favorite of the Arcade Gacha treasures made even better by virtue of the generosity of friends.

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Go For It


I have been seeing this fabulous damask dress from Vero Moderno lately, a bold red and white baroque pattern with modern styling such as dolman sleeves that drape open from the shoulder to the hem of the sleeve. I don’t know why, but when I saw the ad for Pesca’s shawl at The Arcade Gacha event, I immediately knew I wanted to pair the red plaid with the Vero Moderno dress. Plaid and damask are not patterns that come together naturally, but I decided to go for it. I think it works because the prints have similar values but different densities.

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