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Yummy Yummy Yummy, Love That Tummy

When I put on this lovely little number from Casa del Shai, the first thing I noticed is that little mole next to the navel on this gorgeous PXL Creations skin. Yummy! It was so yummy I changed the lyrics to the Herman’s Hermits song.  Love that tummy!!

I also love how beautifully the Bdreams dress named Puppy (no idea why) works over the Casa del Shai lingerie. And doesn’t that makeup make a lovely, sultry face?

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Sometimes the best outfits happen by accident. I was trying on some clothes the other night, getting ready to go dancing and had just put on a beautiful goth lolita dress from Blue Blood, but I really wanted something more clubby – so I right clicked on the folder for this black and white mini from bdreams. When it rezzed, I still had the corset and stockings from the Blue Blood outfit remaining and I thought it looked hotter than hot.  I added some gloves and red tights under the Blue Blood stocking and sure enough, when I dropped by the Skin Fair, someone said “Rawr!” hence the title.

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Hot Little Number

This is a great 70’s inspired print dress from bdreams with a down to there neckline. Recognizing that silk trim would not really stay in place while actually moving,  the designer placed some strategic strings to avoid any M moments in PG sims. Verisimilitude like that is always appreciated.

The stunning jewelry from everything’s-free Yak & Yeti accentuate the bright pinks with the tourmaline stones.  The MADesigns hair is chic and short.

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A Wonderful Rouge Day!

To be perfectly honest, Saturday was an odd day. I woke up disgustingly early and found myself wandering back for a short nap around 7 AM or so…and slept until 4 in the afternoon. That is not a good plan for accomplishment and ticking off to-do lists, let me tell you. How wonderful then, that the One Year Anniversary Party for the Rouge Sim was a 12 hour party – so I could sleep through part of it, take care of some to-do’s and still not miss it. I was lucky enough to get there in time for the SLAG Burlesque Show.

I invited a guy I know to come, but I guess, “hey, you want to come watch a burlesque show?” creates the wrong impression.  Scared him to death!  Anyway, for the event, I wore this lovely black and rouge lingerie dress that was ideal for sitting and dancing – and looking good while doing it.

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