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Guest Stylist Trixie Bumbo


Trixie Bumbo gamely volunteered for a shoot as guest stylist last weekend. I asked her to share a comment about her outfit and she said, “When Cajsa and Gidge asked me to be a guest stylist I must have tried about a thousand outfit combinations trying to find something that felt right. Finally I gave up and went with my “go to” outfit. I love the soft, warm textures, graceful lines and subtle sexiness of this dress. It goes almost anywhere – it always works.” The dress is called Desiree and is from Kunglers.


Something about it made me think of classical togas – even though it is a collared shirtwaist – so I decided to shoot it at the ruins at The Looking Glass. While exploring after the shoot, I discovered that the ruins are a set piece that you can purchase there on the sim.
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Mix It Up

Every fashionista should have a few highwaisted skirts in her inventory and you can get great ones from many places including MichaMi, Pixel Dolls and literally dozens of stores. The reason to have them is that they are great to toss into the mix when you want to take a top from a dress, jacket or suit and use it in a new way. For example, this jacket from Silent Sparrow comes from an pants outfit and is part of a long jacket with tails. I wasn’t in the mood for tails, but I was just loving the autumn feel of the jacket – and decided it would be a blouse for the day…and all it took was adding a skirt that would tuck it in. And so was able to enjoy the rich texture and intricate details of this gorgeous top – in a new way.

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Between Oubliette & MoonSong

My friend Faery Sola who makes the best damn pants in Second Life opened her own sim named MoonSong this weekend with two stores, her Studio Sidhe (pronouced She if you’re wondering) and FlipSide. I went to the grand opening party which was a lot of fun and want to congratulate her on her beautiful sim. Now, her sim is next to another gorgeous sim, Oubliette, and between those two sims there is this lovely bridge and that’s where I happened to shoot my pictures for this outfit which is a mashup for Muism and Sn@tch. Please do explore these beautiful sims – where some of my favorite SL residents and designers can be found.

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How Do You Know I Like It?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Well, personally I’d say the fact that I just wore this outfit for four days is a good sign. Despite the fact that I bought clothes, slipped in and out of this and that and styled several things to wear LATER……I kept pulling this back on when going out and about to do more shopping.

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Quick Look: Diapop & &bean

Here’s a cute  casual outfit perfect for chilling out with friends at The Velvet or running about shopping. The top is from &beans, comes on multiple layers and has an option to wear without the lacy ruffles on the neck. The pants are from Diapop. Now Diapop makes some adorable tops and if they would only make them on all layers and long enough to tuck in, my budget would be in serious trouble.  If you don’t mind crop tops and single layer tops (and many folks don’t) you should check out how cute they are. You can get an idea just from these adorable pants.  The flats are from Shiny Things – and I lurve them.

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So you want to be a fairy princess? Part 6 of I♥EC Week

In the fairy world, little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. For us carbon-based creatures and even for us pixel pixies, we need a little help being a fairy princess and Evangeline Miles of Evie’s Closet is ready with lots of gowns fit for a fairy…including this lovely confection called Apricot Sorbet.

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Where's Gainsborough When You Need Him?

Okay, okay, I know it’s a stretch, but after I put this on I could not resist the comparison. Of course, Blue Boy was all satin and lace and this is suede and corduroy. I know, think of it as working class Blue Boy.  This actually a mash-up that began with the blue dress from AXEL. It had a lovely undershirt and leggings in an array of colors and looked cute, but perhaps because of my mood just did not pop for me. So I started rummaging around in my folders and pulled out these blue suede pants from Baiastice. This is actually the first time I have worn the leg prims. Normally I wear them with boots. I remembered these old Bronte slippers from Adam N Eve which had me rummaging around for white knee socks and a tenuous resemblance to Blue Boy. These are lovely vintage slippers and that little froth of lace just makes me smile.

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Dipping a toe in the water

Okay, this new Candace skin has me putting on shorts. I never wear shorts. It’s just that athletic a skin…you want to get out and about. And yes, that’s prim feet – from SLink – just because I felt like it. Now if I were a conscientious little fashionista I would give you the RGB value for the feet because they match darn well, however, I was lazy and matched it by clicking on the multicolor field in the peachy area and then putzing around in the smaller color field. Still, it was a snap and took only a few minutes – not like something complicated and difficult like putting on a shirt.

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Hunting for Kisses

So I succumbed and spent a few hours hunting for kisses last night. I found some lovely items that I thought I would show in case you want to look for them too. One of my favorites so far was a Euphoria Fashions – a box with this lovely top in four colors, pants and shoes and possibly more. I sort of lost track in the generosity of the box. I love this top and will definitely make it a keeper.

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