Talk To Me, Goose

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ve finally re-emerged from the ranks of the drug induced exhaustion + carpal tunnel that has pretty much kept me away from the keyboard except when at work.

I love it when a doctor prescribes me something and then says, “This is going to make you unbelievably exhausted. It really induces a strong sense of fatigue.”

Why, lovely…….do you have anything that makes me feel fat and ugly and we can just call it depression in a bottle?

LUCKILY I have a pixel world when I can escape these doldrums…….and I get some great opportunities to show you some fun pieces for the having. This set is really all built around this skin.  You see, because Cajsa is EVIL  my good friend she took me to Symphony to check out their skins.

Sigh…..I barely knew where to start.

I’d say I’m in love but that wouldn’t convey it properly. I think my main problem on the grid now is that I’ve got too many skins to love. They’re all unique in their own delicious ways and this was just one more trip to the dessert bar…..and another new treat to try out.

The skin is just PRETTY. That’s all there is to it.

Wondering about the title? I’m wearing the Sn@tch Rock Hard Jeans (Apparently I won these at some point – I can’t remember buying them and I own a fat pack) and down the leg it says “Take Me To Bed or Lose Me Forever…….” which is what Goose’s wife shouts at him in TOP GUN shortly before he dies a horrible death.  Sorry if I ruined the end for you but good GOD where have you been if you haven’t seen TOP GUN by now?

All Photos by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studio

Click Here to see the rest of the shoot

Fashion Details

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Symphony – Contralto – Baroqued Dewberry
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Hair – Laqroki Priss- Sunkissed
  • Top – WRONG – Stripey Polo
  • Jeans – Sn@tch – Rode Hard Jeans (Take Me)
  • Shoes – Sn@tch – Living Dead Shoes
  • Earrings – Schadenfreude – La Reina Crown Earring
  • Nails – Vain – Darksider Nail Polish
  • Bracelets – Fresh Baked Goods – Turkish Delights

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