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Two if By Sea

Longfellow’s poem tells us that Paul Revere instructed the colonials to hang lanterns “one of by land, two if by sea” at the Old North Church in Boston. I’m not sure if this is before, after or during his ride warning, “The British are coming! The British are coming!” But it occurred to me, remembering this poem, that the colonials must have already considered themselves “other” to be referring to the advancing army as “The British”.  Continue reading


Ohaiiii!! So.. outta allllll the bloggers in SL I was chosen to help spread the word for this amazing event called GLANCE|Front Row that is a grid-wide event with 50 designers that are raising L$ for Relay For Life.. and 100% of the proceeds go to RFL.. You can read more about it here GLANCE|Front Row.. BUT! I just want to say I am honored to be a part of this and hope you enjoy the posts to come annnnndd yea.. def take a few mins to check out everything… NOW!!! Onto the goooooods!! <33333333333333 Ps… These are all UNRELEASED!! They will be available starting April 1st at 12PM SLT to April 30th at 12 PM SLT!!!!

I honestly cant stress how much I LOVE this dress.. I have it in blue and pink.. and ommmggg Im never taking it off!! hahah Vanitas Vesture did and amazzzzing job on this and the jewelry is from Ear Candy… Booottthh will be up for sale on the 1st!! Eeeeeeeeeee! Love! <3333

JANE… oh JANE how I ALWAYS Continue reading

Summer Sun

The summer sun can be enervating, but Lelutka has the solution – the Berthold hat. Now, I am one of those people who wonder about the logistics of things, so I assume that this is going to be one of those hats that you buy when you get to your vacation destination and ship home. It won’t fit easily in a suitcase and if you try to wear it on a plane, I think you will be arrested! Still, it’s gorgeous, if impractical.

Continue reading

Pink Shirt Day:How Bullies Made Me Gidge

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I was in High School, I was plagued by being smart enough to take classes ahead of my own grade level. My sophomore year I ended up in a Senior Level biology class, and had this misfortune to take a seat in the midst of three jock bullies on day one of class.

I should’ve known, should’ve switched seats when I heard one of them whisper “This chick looks smart, let’s get her at our table she can do all the work.”

And our teacher, intimidated by the fact that at 17 years old these mongrols were man sized – turned the cheek as week after week they harrassed and bullied me.  They would steal my work and copy it, break anything of mine they could get their hands on. They’d pull stools out from under me so that I’d fall when I tried to sit down, poke me with pins so that I would move my arm that they could copy my work.

But the most annoying thing they’d do, believe it or not, was call me Gidget at first and then after weeks passed – Gidge. Oh my god their neanderthal brains thought that this was hilarious – as my RL name is Bridgette. THE SHEER WIT OF IT NEARLY COLLAPSED THEM WITH LAUGHTER. Continue reading

Two Little Girls In Braids

posted by Gidge Uriza

Sometimes when you make a friend you feel a bond that you don’t really understand the root of, but it’s definitely there.  What I have learned after almost two years of knowing Cajsa is that our bond was formed in the centuries old tradition of the Women of Northern Europe. Continue reading

Cherry Girl – Is That a Euphemism?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Since I was just recently at the beach, it made me realize I needed to take stock of my swimsuit situation. Fumbling through my inventory I found this gem from Cherry Girl which I had completely forgotten I had.

I went over there to get something that was in the lucky boards that I saw on Freestyle and in the time I was there won everything else they had on the boards EXCEPT what I wanted, as I recall. Continue reading

This One Is For Emma

posted by Gidge Uriza


The first time I put on the Efe skin, my first thought was that “MAN, This sort of looks like my friend Emma!” Emma is a real life friend, and is as pretty or not prettier than the combo of my shape + Efe’s skin. Which is a fairly good compliment to a human person, as Efe is amazingly pretty.

I have been looking for something subtle but pretty to wear when I showed off my first acquisition from a too cool earring shop EAR CANDY, and this group gift sweater from PINK COUTURE totally fit the bill. Continue reading