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Post Apocalyptica – Naeko Part 2

posted by Gidge Uriza

I went away from Neko and into a different RP after I bought these goggles at Naeko. Here you see me smoking my last good French cigarette, and pondering how to maintain my fashionista lifestyle – THE DAY AFTER.

The cigarette and the goggles were fighting for an attachment point, so I had to flip them about a bit until I made them both work. Took a while. I’m teary eyed because I had to blow up all the dramaz-qeenz with my Corrupted Cannon – another gift from Naeko during the hunt. Continue reading

Callie Cline Made Me a Cowgirl

posted by Gidge Uriza

Green leopard boots with color change gems? Are you serious? I don’t understand why these didn’t give me a CALL to come over and fetch them. These boots were one of my MANY green pickups during Callie’s big green L$99 sale – and then I added the jeans when she had her big L$10 sale right after.

She’s had some amazing sales lately. Continue reading

Antique-ing On a Saturday

posted by Gidge Uriza

This Saturday is spent schlepping around vintage/antique stores searching for six chairs for my RL dining room. My dining table is from the Sears and Roebuck catalog circa 1912, from the lodge of a large fishing camp that my family owned in Minnesota BACK IN THE DAY.  When the last of the cabins had been sold or demolished, in the 70s, my entire family converged upon the LODGE where the meals had been served and the furniture within was plundered and scattered amongst us.

EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of my family HAS one of these tables. It’s sort of bizarre, yet endearing. Continue reading

Casual Friday:Mix and Match

posted by Gidge Uriza

Today is a great example of how you should always look at your group gifts/freebie gifts even if you think they are not completely your cup of tea. I received Jaycie from Dollyrock as a group gift, and it’s a little dress, halter top, glitch pants, shortie cutie skirt.

I don’t wear a lot of this style, and my initial reaction was “Meh I don’t wear a lot of these, I’ll bag this.” And with an inventory aproaching 40k – I think this is something I need to do even more.  But I really LIKED the texture and thought the little halter was a cute summer top – so I kept it hoping inspiration would strike.

It did. Continue reading

Freebie Love

posted by Gidge Uriza

Okay I don’t have a song.  This one is just a quick but I wanted to show you some great free stuff, both hunt and NON Hunt.

The clothes are from Merlynn’s Closet which is new to me. I TPd over on a notice of a free outfit to check them out and I’m really digging the casual pieces she gave away (pictured). The top was available in multiple layers (YAY! GOOD CREATOR!)  with different options and the pants are a nice rich texture that has good details. So YAY! I’m not sure these are still free but their quality warrants a visit! I’m totally going back. Continue reading