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Fanning the Flames


IrEn’s gorgeous baroque corset outfit for Collabor88 is designed to inspire flames of passion. You can listen to Fanning the Flames with Maria Muldaur here.

“There’s smoke in the distance
And there’s fire up ahead.
There’s trouble brewing.
There’s danger,” he said.

And like an unlucky omen
Every word turned out true
And now we’re fanning the flames of passion
And burning up, ooh burning up.


I was inspired to dig out my old fans from Mika. The in-world Mika store is closed, but you can find it on Marketplace.

The first time I saw you
When I first laid eyes on you.
It was like time bomb starting ticking, Darling.
Detonation overdue.

And when our love’s just smoldering ashes
and when they have those ashes hauled
They’re gonna say we were fanning the flames of passion
and burning up, ooh burning up.

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I took a Detour on my way to this post

I love the hair at Detour – but sadly it has been an age and half since they last produced some new hair. So yesterday, even though I was all dressed, had done my style notes and ready to shoot this outfit, when I heard there was new hair at Detour I jumped off my pose pad and thumbed a ride over to Detour. And look what I found!!

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Beautiful Babydoll

I have mentioned more than once that I am not very fond of babydoll dresses, so imagine my surprise when I fell for this gorgeous babydoll at Mika. There was an element of surprise in that Mika is known for dancer/showgirl wear. It’s where we got our fan dancer outfits. But the big surprise was how attractive and elegant this babydoll dress looked. Elegant is not the word I associate with babydolls, but that is the word for this one. It is the gorgeous draping in the bodice and the lovely fabric that make this so elegant. However, to really appreciate how truly excellent it is, you have to see those prims in motion – it’s an amazing piece of work. The attention to detail that creates elegance even extends to the ribbon edged hem. Truly a great example of how what seems quite simple on the surface becomes, through careful detailing and devotion to excellence, a work of art.

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Mika has a wonderful outfit with a vintage flair called Anastasia. The fur muff and trim makes you think of Princess Anastasia who was rumored to have survived the regicide of the Romanov’s in 1918 and showed up years later in Paris. DNA tests proved conclusively that she did not survive and that the Anastasia of Paris society was a fraud, disappointing many. However, I think that Anna Anderson, a Polish factory worker, who was able to pull off such an ambitious and far-ranging long con is a much more interesting character and has a much more interesting story.Perhaps in honor of the deceptive story of Anastasia, this dress is deceptively simple at first glance – yet has three different ways to be worn just as Anna Anderson had three identities.

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