I Feel Pretty

I feel pretty!
Oh, so pretty!
Pretty and witty and bright!

Now who would not feel pretty in this marvelous jeweled brocade gown from Mimikri. This gown takes opulence to the royal vault and comes out wearing the crown jewels.  To add to its lustre, it comes with multiple options for wearing, including the fabulous sheath shown in this picture. The pastel gloves from Fleur look great too.

With this lovely dress you can feel pretty four different ways! How much fun is that?

Jewelry magic from Kess Kreations and Tekeli-li set the outfit off beautifully. Now I really had a time getting the texture change script to work in the necklace because I am using the new Release Candidate viewer (the regular viewer photographs bald people.) For whatever reason, it’s next to impossible to select anything attached to the chest in the Release Viewer and everytime I clicked on the necklace to change the texture nothing happened. Finally, it occured to me that the viewer glitch might be affecting the necklace script click as well, so I temporarily attached the necklace to my shoulder, clicked once to make the changes (worked like a charm) and put it back on my chest. This is NOT caused by the creator, this is an SL glitch, but I hope the work around will help any of you getting frustrated at texture change scripts not working in necklaces and scarves.

****STYLE NOTES******
No Promotional Items Were Used.

  • Poses: Reel Expression
  • Skin: Dernier Cri Kelsey Glamour Apple
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes Sunny Glade
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: Sky Everett Designs Lady Alanya
  • Dress: Mimikri Topkapi
  • Shoes: Shiny Things spring stiletto
  • Fleur Gloves Long Sage
  • Jewelry: Tekeli-li Inanna Armring & Bracelet
  • Kess Kreations Adeline Jewelry Set

One thought on “I Feel Pretty

  1. kesseret

    That glitch angers me, there is- if an item is attached to the chest one tiny part of the attachment that can be selected(touched). In the back works.

    Thank you for showing off Adeline, you look gorgeous!

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