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Discover the Treasures at Accessory Fair: sYs


There are a lot of treasures to discover at Accessory Fair 2011. Though most have focused like a laser beam on the Ancient Egypt inspiration, sYs has taken some of the forms of the past and brought them into the future. For example, this head piece may look so very modern, but imagine in in gold with some gemstones inlaid and it would not be too far different than the helmets worn in ancient Egypt. I don’t know if Egyptians wore butterfly tattoos, but I love the sYs Holotattoo on my back.


I went to Insilico thinking it a perfect setting for the outfit and found these stairs that made me think of climbing a pyramid.
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Paranoia Rising


In case you missed the news, I have been exploring the fresh new hell that is modern medical care. Don’t get me wrong, I am overwhelmed by the compassion and professional care provided by the nurses, doctors and all the staff. Even when I have been “i know you are trying to kill me” paranoid, they have been wonderful. But all the compassion in the world cannot put the lid back on the bug jar when that bizarre combination of real physical pain, the loss of editorial control from pain meds and the psychosis induced by renal failure introduced me to an entire new world. In fact, when I get out I think I have some blockbuster sci-fi stories on file, if I can find some thread of coherence.


Isn’t it just perfect, then, that the last photo shoot before I went into the hospital is atypical of my usual shoot and includes some pics that would totally fit into a couple of my narratives of the last week, like the one where the Dept. of Defense was attempting to do a consciousness transfer of my mind to the man who loves war via Ipod. Ipod??? Go figure. But I am pleased that the DoD was on the side of peace and justice and only hatched their scheme in response to his love of war.
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Trubble in Mind

Trouble in mind, I’m blue
But I won’t be blue always.
The sun is gonna shine in my backdoor, someday

If there were an award for most improved designer of 2009, it would have to go to Tracy Rubble of Trubble whose work has gone from textures that lacked detail to textures that have the sort of details that give depth and interest to the clothing. You can see that in the light and shadow of the skirt, the wrinkling shadows of the sash and in the overall quality of the entire dress.  The dress is sleeveless, so being January, I added a little shrug from Cipher.

Hah! Someone turned the heat up so here you can see it without that jacket. Please note the lack of distortion in the bodice as the zebra print stretches over the breast. Also note how smoothly the seams are joined. By most improved, I don’t mean that she merely has become good, I mean she has adopted the skills and hallmarks of the best designers: good seam-matching, prints that maintain their integrity over breasts and hips, and  texture details on all parts of the clothing that give it depth, highlights and shadows

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Ciphers are a girl's best friend

Frankly, I have also heard the same about diamonds. However, if you’re talking fashion – the store Cipher on Mooncat Izumo is definitely in the girl’s best friend category with some hot jackets that are fresh and unique designs like this shrug I am wearing with a Canimal dress.  Nothing brings a dress up a notch as well as well-chosen shrug or jacket and the Cipher jackets are amazing.

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Shooting @ Sick

Street Signage at Sick

Sick is an awesome sim for anytime you want to shoot an urban setting at night. With all the signage and the busy night streets, it’s really the perfect backdrop for urban chic – on the noir side. Unfortunately you cannot rez poseballs, but you can use a pose hud.

I saw Sasy wearing this dress the other night at Truth and knew I had to get it – and to wear it with this leather shrug from Cipher. The minute I saw the dress, this shrug came to mind, though I was unsure whether to wear the black or run over to Cipher and buy their red one (it comes in 5 colors) but my budget conscience carried the day and I stayed with the black shrug I already purchased.

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