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Hell Bent on Seduction

That’s what this outfit says to me. It’s a conglomeration from several pieces. The top is from a House of Nyla dress, the skirt from Handrawn Machine. the gloves from a PixelDolls dress and the socks from Reasonable Desires.  The idea is not to encourage you to necessarily buy every single piece but to start thinking of dresses as potential separates and accessories as well. For example, I have a gloves folder in my accessories folder and when gloves are included in an outfit, I copy and paste a copy into my gloves folder so I have more glove options available.

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Ciphers are a girl's best friend

Frankly, I have also heard the same about diamonds. However, if you’re talking fashion – the store Cipher on Mooncat Izumo is definitely in the girl’s best friend category with some hot jackets that are fresh and unique designs like this shrug I am wearing with a Canimal dress.  Nothing brings a dress up a notch as well as well-chosen shrug or jacket and the Cipher jackets are amazing.

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