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Lake Woebegon


Growing up in Minnesota, it’s natural that I love to listen to a Prairie Home Companion. I always found so much that resonated with me in the stories of Lake Woebegon. I grew up in an even smaller village. We had only one business in our town, “the” resort. I just realized I have absolutely no idea what the real name of the resort was or is. It was just THE resort. There were a dozen little cabins and the cafe where you could buy hot dogs, fries and earthworms, as you do.

I have been feeling a bit woebegone myself and tuned in on the web and enjoyed listening to this song, a plaint about the cold to the traditional spriritual “”Down to the River”. It made me laugh and happy to be living in Oregon.

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What Is Black and White & Short All Over


The Alexis Print dress from LIV-Glam, of course. That’s not actually accurate. The thing with LIV-Glam outfits is they are usually come in a fat pack for the price of a single dress. This particular dress is at The Designers Showroom and comes with the unique LIV-Glam packaging that I love. It comes in a HUD package that you wear. First you specify the size, so you are only getting the pieces you need and not filling your inventory. But don’t worry, if you are wrong, you can ask for a different size. One you put the pieces on, you can click on the hud to change the textures for different outfits. For example, this dress comes in three striped options and three floral options. When you consider that her prices range from 99 to 275 L, you can see that you do get a fat pack of dresses for the price of one. It is important to wear the HUD, not rez it. If you rez it, you will think you have an empty box.

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Confessions: Vanity or Pride


The PXL Creations Seven Sins Gacha skin Vanity is gorgeous with the prideful purple that for centuries signified royalty and imperial power. Buckcherry’s corresponding song for their Confessions album is called Pride. Frankly, it’s a pretty bad song, probably written to fulfill their need to cover all seven sins. You can probably listen to a sample on iTunes, but it’s a poor thing compared to the rest of the series. Good thing for us, the PXL Creations Vanity skin is nothing like the song. It’s a beautiful skin!

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Like a magpie, I was immediately drawn to the glittery goodness of this dress from Liv-Glam. I love the many details that make this extraordinary from the sheer to opaque dress to the dark bronze to brilliant gold of the embellishment scattered down the front. It’s a gorgeous design. I think some of the shadows drawn onto the texture is the tiniest bit overdone, particularly under the arms, but that is more than compensated for by the lovely, stylish and flattering design. A great dress for the club, dancing or a night out with friends.

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My Supervisor

Blog Supervisor

As you can see, my blog pictures and posts are all done under close supervision by Oscar. Because I reached for the camera and shifted back to take the picture, he is positioned a little farther from the laptop than he likes to sit while I work. While I am working, his preferred position is on the very edge of the laptop with his front paws on my forearm and his forehead leaning against my chin, completely blocking my view of the keyboard. Apparently he liked this shot because he walked across the keyboard and saved this shot to disk.


This is the picture Oscar took. The dress is from LIV-Glam and is a fabulous party gown that comes with a HUD allowing me to change it from silver to gold. It’s a perfect dress for us indecisive folks.
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Twelve Gowns in One

Vintage Fair - Cajsa Lilliehook

This gorgeous gown from LIV-Glam at Vintage Fair is a perfect dress for the jazz clubs of the past filled with smoke, gin, torch singers and taxi dancers. Made with a combination of mesh and flexi, it combines the best of both.

Vintage Fair - Cajsa Lilliehook

The deep, swooping back is a torch singer favorite – and adds so much drama. All the poses are from the Rouge (based on the red carpet) Set from oOo Studio for Vintage Fair.

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