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Of Ball Gowns and Best Friends

As we head into a weekend of parties and swirly dresses I’m pulling out a set that was shot long before Cajsa got sick.
Over on my RL blog I talked yesterday about knowing who you are. (Words of wisdom via Keith Richards). The importance of that struck me as I was muddling through flickr sets trying to decide what to post today.
This picture above, well, that’s who Cajsa and I are.

At least, it’s one facet of the gem of our barbie girls. Continue reading

Lucky I Ran Into You

posted by Gidge Uriza

One of the final acts of my favorite Woody Allen movie – HANNAH AND HER SISTERS – is called LUCKY I RAN INTO YOU. It’s about two people who’ve known each other and fall in love despite the past. Making friends can be like that too.

I feel that way a lot about my best friend and blog partner, Cajsa. Continue reading