Heat Rises


One of the blessings (curses) of living in an upper floor apartment is the simple law of physics that heat rises. What that means in practical terms is that my downstairs neighbor pays for heat and I get most of it. I don’t turn on the heat. Right now it is 48°F outside (9°C) and I have two windows open and the fan running and it’s 76° in here. I imagine my downstairs neighbor as a lizard cranking up the heat and basking by the heater, warming his cold blood. It is hard to imagine a warm-blooded creature needing that much heat.

Heat rises in fashion, too, and I think the heat is bringing some really great stuff to the top at faMESHEd. Take this fabulous bodycon dress from Pink Outfitters. It’s figure hugging as any bodycon dress should be and comes in rich, saturated colors such as this fabulous eggplant. It also comes with fitted belts in silver and white. I love the long sleeves and simple round neckline that makes it perfect for big statement jewelry. My only quibble is that while dancing, there is an occasional break on the back of the legs where the leg will come through the mesh in some movements. This doesn’t bother me since coming from the era of sculpties and system skirts, that is a minor glitch.

PicMonkey Collage2

I added these fabulous strappy shoes from R2 that I picked up a few months back. Something strange happened while shooting them. When I sat on the pose stand, a tiny bit of flesh seemed to appear in a line a little below the shoes. After trying relogging and rebaking and putting them on again and again, I finally decided I would just edit that little problem because it didn’t happen when I wore then walking around. It only happened when I posed on the pose stand. So I took the pictures and to my surprise, the little line did not show up on the photo.


This dress demands a bold piece of jewelry or a bright print scarf. Its simple lines and rich color are a perfect frame for the bold, graphic look of the Grazia necklace from Glam Affair for faMESHed. The necklace comes in 6 color combinations, most using complementary colors like this combo of purple and orange. I added some very old earrings from Dahlinks, liking how the silver stripes on the hoops echo the findings in the necklace.


My skin is also from Glam Affair and my hair is an old favorite from Dura. There are moments when I think I could be happy with this one style. They don’t last long, but they happen. The hair is actually a combination of hair from Dura and a hair tattoo from MADesigns. The hair comes with a tattoo, but Dura doesn’t make a great read. This is sienna that I tinted for a color I like. MADesigns has made a rainbow of hair tattoos that will enable you to find what you want and need – and even allow you to edit to a perfect match.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Adorkable
Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – Europa 03 Red
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Mani/Pedi: SLink Mesh Hands
Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ Hair Base ~ Red V
Clothing: [PO] Pink Outfitters Tori Bodycon Dress S – eggplant faMESHed
[PO] Tori Metal Belt S – gold
Shoes: R2″Ala” L Orange
Jewelry: Glam Affar – Grazia Necklace – 04 faMESHed
(Dahlinks) BoHo Earring – Orange Sheen

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