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This outfit highlights two Accessory Fair participants, Ticky Tacky and Dahlinks – as well as the outstanding dress from Agnes Finney for the memorial fundraiser For the Love of McQueen.  I confess that the moment I saw the Agnes Finney Dress Mayur, I fell in love with it. In many ways, I even prefer her dress to the original McQueen dress that I think inspired it. I also think it is a beautiful illustration of the difference between inspiration and plagiarism.  You can see elements of the original within the Agnes Finney design, but reimagined in such a way that the new design is distinctive and completely divisible from the original.

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My Precious

I was wandering around on Saturday, popping into stores in Istanbul and saw this store called My Precious that was filled to the rafters with ballgowns – beautifully made, luscious ballgowns like this one in Champagne, though perhaps butter creme is a more accurate description. It’s not a color that’s often featured and I fell for it.

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