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Relay For Life:Barbie Pink from Musashi Do

posted by Gidge Uriza

The Relay for Life Clothing Fair opens up tomorrow but a bunch of us bloggers snuck in today to see what sort of goodness there is to be found.

A Barbie Girl is pleased to report that Shiryu Musashi has offered up special edition colors of a few of my favorite pieces. And he’s run the gauntlet of the seasons, from the uber sexy bikinis Summer Sky and Wave Flow pictured above, to the totally hot man’s shirt that I’ve stolen again – the polo re-released in pink……

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Musashi Do Valentine Release of Brocade Princess – On Sale Feb 10

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Shiryu Musashi has re-released his stunning Brocade Princess gown in a special set of Valentine Colors – Purple and Pink – and they go on sale February 10 ! The original Brocade Princess was truly one of my favorite ball gowns ever, elegant and beautifullly created with a gorgeous texture.

The re-release I might even love more, as they are purple and pink and NEED I SAY MORE?

I can’t pick which color I like best, luckily I don’t have to.

This gown definitely makes my must-haves this year for the Valentine holiday. You can get yours once the bell tolls that Feb 10 has arrived at the Musashi Do mainstore.

I am wearing Baiastice’s new CASTING makeup in Peach, and Juicy’s LOLA shape.

The Lola shape has great tits ūüôā

Style Notes:

**Bold R Indicates a Review Item***

  • Shape – Juicy¬†– Lola
  • Hair- Mirone – Faye
  • Skin – Baiastice – Casting – Peach tone
  • Dresses – Musashi Do – Brocade Princess Valentine Edition
  • Jewelry – Eolandes Valentine Jewelry

Now and Then:The Three Gidges

It’s Sophia Harlow’s fault that I’m subjecting you to this……..but at one month shy of my third rezz¬†day I thought I’d show you the three Gidges¬†– at least the three major ones.¬† The problem is that there probably isn’t a “real Gidge” now as she wears tons of stuffs. But ah…..first year Gidge, 2007 Gidge – she was DOGMATIC about what she wore. I don’t know why………dear God.

Example – far left. This is how I looked at the end of my first day in SL. I didn’t adjust the clip on the pony tail bcse¬†2007 Gidge¬†didn’t know how to do that either.¬† Everyone I knew shopped at Cake. Period. Hair and skin from Cake. The dress – I have no idea. There is a cryptic ND in the title of the dress so perhaps it’s from the Nyte¬†and Day everyone talks about but I never went to. (maybe I did go?). I don’t know. My friend bought me shape hair skin and a dress on day one.

She also bought me an Okina. Those of you old enough to know what that is, may guffaw now. And no – I won’t show it to you.

Middle Gidge¬†was still shopping at Cake but had acquired ALL of the green hair so moved on to blonde. And she’d discovered Eloh¬†mods and realized how horrendous that first face was lol. I’m also wearing what I call the¬†DRESS OF POWER from Coconut Ice, because it was the most expensive thing I’d ever bought – and it was also the only thing I ever bought that caused the opposite sex to notice me.¬† I am never the girl who gets the “want make sex?” offers. I should put that thing back on more often.

And last up, taller, less top-heavy¬†Gidge with a far smaller ass no matter WHAT Winter says.¬† The shape I’ve finally settle on and that I’ve worn for actually over a year now and I’m wearing Pink Fuel Skin with some Maitreya hair that I believe it is a morale imperative for all fashion bloggers to own.¬† The dress is Musashi Do.¬†¬†Want to see a designer get flustered and then frustrated? Give them shit about not sending you something they sent your blog parter……….only to learn that they in fact DID it to you – and it just went into the black hole while I was on bedrest………eeeeeeek. Ummmm- sorry? ūüôā

PS – don’t give designers shit unless they are your friends. It makes them crabby. It makes them crabby if they are your friends too, but you can get away with it.

New Year's Eve – Last Call For Dress Up!

posted by Gidge Uriza

If a fancy cocktail gown is what you are looking for, Ingenue has shared this lovely gown Fraxinus that is perfect for a dressy cocktail look. I love the bright crimson red.

This one is just a quickie – again the suit is the awesome tux from Musashi Do on my hubby Silo. Versatile – isn’t it?

Style Notes

Gidge’s Style Notes

  • Skin – PXL Creations – July- Red – Natural Tone
  • Hair – Dernier Cri – Julie
  • Dress – Ingenue – Fraxinus
  • Hose – Shop Toshy
  • Shoes – Insolence – Marie Jeanne
  • Necklace – Fresh Baked Goods
  • Nails – PXL Creations

Silo’s Style Notes

  • Shape – Laqroki – Aiden
  • Skin – Laqroki – Cliff 03
  • Hair – Diversity Hair – Connal – Crowe
  • Suit – Musashi Do – Party in Venezia
  • Shoes -Muism – Men’s Ankle boots

Simply Ballroom

posted by Gidge Uriza

I turned my husband from a robot into a hooman to show all the girls (and heck guys too)¬†that there is a great¬†option for dressing up your man this New Year’s Eve.¬† The PARTY IN VENEZIA tuxedo from Musashi Do just HAPPENS to have a vest which PERFECTLY coordinates with the BROCADE PRINCESS gown – also from Musashi Do.

This brings you a great cohesive style as a couple without that lame “Oh they wore matching outfits how cute” look. These are not matching outfits – rather they are formal wear made to coordinate and compliment each other. And it’s perfect for New Year’s Eve balls and events!

As a girl dressing a boy AV for only the second time (the first time was when I dressed us Winter) РI was a little bit worried about figuring it out cuz MAN this tux has options. My husband was finishing up some other things so I was left to my own devices for a while running back and forth between two computers trying to figure it all out.  And there is where I have to share something AWESOME. Continue reading

A Gothic Tapestry

Brocade Princess by Musashi DO- not just for the spoiled Barbie AV

posted by Gidge Uriza

This dress will be getting a lot of play around the feeds by all the Barbie Princesses like me (oh heck INCLUDING ME) so I felt it was important to point out that beautifully made fashion is rarely for one set of fashionistas.

It’s all about how you wear it, now isn’t it? Continue reading

Pixel Perfect

Shiryu Musashi of Musashi-Do is one of those people my mother would have called a stickler – someone whose attention to detail and passion for perfection produces consistently high quality work. This Brocade Princess gown is an example of that pixel perfection at work. Like all of Shiryu’s creations, this is made with lovingly hand textures that meld into skillfully aligned seams and create a graceful and elegant classic addition to your wardrobe.

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Musashi Do Creates a Perfect Coat

posted by Gidge Uriza

Not since Edith Head dressed Lucy have I seen a coat that made me ooo so very deeply. Don’t know who Edith Head was? GASP. HAND ME YOUR FASHIONISTA CARD RIGHT NOW YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE FASHION MAFIA!

Blasphemy. Look it up. Seriously. Continue reading

Get Your Motor Running

Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way

Okay, so the lyrics of Born to Be Wild should not be what I think of when wearing a vintage pencil skirt, sweater or a houndtooth trench coat, but guess what – they are.

But seriously, this clothing only sounds staid and sober. It looks hot and it is born to be wild.

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