Now and Then:The Three Gidges

It’s Sophia Harlow’s fault that I’m subjecting you to this……..but at one month shy of my third rezz day I thought I’d show you the three Gidges – at least the three major ones.  The problem is that there probably isn’t a “real Gidge” now as she wears tons of stuffs. But ah…..first year Gidge, 2007 Gidge – she was DOGMATIC about what she wore. I don’t know why………dear God.

Example – far left. This is how I looked at the end of my first day in SL. I didn’t adjust the clip on the pony tail bcse 2007 Gidge didn’t know how to do that either.  Everyone I knew shopped at Cake. Period. Hair and skin from Cake. The dress – I have no idea. There is a cryptic ND in the title of the dress so perhaps it’s from the Nyte and Day everyone talks about but I never went to. (maybe I did go?). I don’t know. My friend bought me shape hair skin and a dress on day one.

She also bought me an Okina. Those of you old enough to know what that is, may guffaw now. And no – I won’t show it to you.

Middle Gidge was still shopping at Cake but had acquired ALL of the green hair so moved on to blonde. And she’d discovered Eloh mods and realized how horrendous that first face was lol. I’m also wearing what I call the DRESS OF POWER from Coconut Ice, because it was the most expensive thing I’d ever bought – and it was also the only thing I ever bought that caused the opposite sex to notice me.  I am never the girl who gets the “want make sex?” offers. I should put that thing back on more often.

And last up, taller, less top-heavy Gidge with a far smaller ass no matter WHAT Winter says.  The shape I’ve finally settle on and that I’ve worn for actually over a year now and I’m wearing Pink Fuel Skin with some Maitreya hair that I believe it is a morale imperative for all fashion bloggers to own.  The dress is Musashi Do.  Want to see a designer get flustered and then frustrated? Give them shit about not sending you something they sent your blog parter……….only to learn that they in fact DID it to you – and it just went into the black hole while I was on bedrest………eeeeeeek. Ummmm- sorry? 🙂

PS – don’t give designers shit unless they are your friends. It makes them crabby. It makes them crabby if they are your friends too, but you can get away with it.

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  1. Sophia Harlow

    Gidge! I am so glad you did the challenge!! Um, you are one of the noob fails that didn’t look as bad as noobs should look!! I recently deleted my Cake hair folder and it cleared up quite a bit of inventory. Cake was my TO GO place for hair. Sigh. Ali i shocked that I never shopped at that Coconut Ice place..I never even heard of it!

    Thank you so much for playing along!


  2. Harper

    I’m trying to remember if I still have my original avatar appearance socked…oh, yeah, I do; it was the Wendy skin. I haven’t changed my shape since I bought it. Okay….

    (Harper wanders off, muttering to herself as she plots how to shoot the photos.)

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