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COCO Christmas

I love plaid and this plaid skirt from COCO is delectable. This is the Royal Stewart tartan and is one of my favorites.  The asymmetrical skirt is one of the best sculptie skirts I have every seen and looks great walking, posing and dancing – the ultimate sculptie skirt test.  The blouse is a present I received last year – a lovely woman’s shirt from Alphamale.

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Long Akward Posemaker Appreciation

posted by Gidge Uriza

Stepping up to meet Achariya’s Challenge are probably mostly photographers,  as photography is truly the symbiant love of the posemaker.  But, as a model who spends a great deal of time STANDING on poses, sorting through them sometimes and other times BEING sorted through on them, I actually have some great love for the art. Continue reading

The Jewel Tree & the Whodunnit Dress

All week I have watched the build up to the Dress-Off between Alphamale and Blacklace designers Yelmer Pfeffer and Mariska Simons. Having never met either of them, I am not particularly invested in whether he wears a dress or she goes bald, but I was curious what that sort of motivation coudl engender. And of course I have no idea who made what, but I know which dress got my vote. After buying the dress, I instantly knew I had to photograph it at Crucible. Continue reading