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The Glam Detective


The life of a Glam Detective is not an easy one. There’s always competitors on the other side of the door, trying to muscle in and take your title. Take Miss O’Shaughnessy on the other side of the door. Should I let her in and listen to her story? Perhaps Miss O’Shaughnessy would have been less murderous if she did her shopping at Sonatta Morales where I picked up this gorgeous number.

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Expectations 5 – Ritzy Expectations

What to wear to the Ritz? If Sn@tch doesn’t come to mind, your letting yourself get boxed into categories that stifle, rather than catalog. For this Grand Entrance, I mixed two elements from Sn@tch with contemporary accessories that combine for an outfit perfect for a 21st century remake of High Society.  I was thinking High Society, not Philadelphia Story – so the hair is a lovely ponytail from Lamb.

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Hey, did you happen to see…

Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl…? This photo of Gidge made me think of the old Charlie Rich song except the rest of the lyrics just don’t make sense for the post or our friendship so I think I will only borrow half the first sentence.  How’s that for arbitrary? There’s nothing arbitrary about this skin, though, and the classically elegant beauty it portrays. It’s an upcoming release from PXL Creations and I would love to tell you when it’s coming out but frankly, PXL skin designer Hart Larsson needs to have a sit-down with Voltaire. He’s made 8 new iterations since this one – all improvements, though most too subtle for me to see. However, it won’t be long and I can’t wait to see the makeups.

The two of us are wearing lace dresses from Choramimi – a new-to-us store we found at Switch, the shopping sim. I finally dragged her to eha and she loved the hair. Then we ran around looking at other stores and found some lovely things like these dresses at an uebelievably low price of 77L each.

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At the Ritz

Believe me, if I am going to get stuck in an elevator, I want it to be a The Ritz in a gorgeous art deco design elevator complete with wood inlay panels that could have been made by Frank Lloyd Wright and glorious overhead lighting. The one thing missing is the man to turn the stuck in the elevator inconvenience into a romantic introduction and interlude. What’s not missing is the gorgeous, luxurious coat and hat – including the extravagantly beautiful and inspired coat from Paper Couture.

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Designer Showcase Network, Part 2

Here is another example of the Designer Showcase Network at work – reminding me of a store I already know and showing me something new. It’s been a few months since I have visited Elate and this item from the  Designer Showcase Network reminded me that I like Elate’s design sensibility and inventiveness.  Most of what I have seen from there has been brighter than this subtle and reflective skirt and blouse – and seeing this new mood in Elate’s designs is exciting.  This morning’s example was the DSN introducing me to a completely new designer, this afternoon nudging my memory and showing a different side of a known store. I look forward to the growth and expansion of the DSN and don’t forget to check out the web site because it explains the effort made to make sure designers all reach the same number of people and that participants receive new items, from different stores. Continue reading