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IFW10 – Queen of the Jungle

When I saw the Safari Dress from ROC (Ranena Olivier Couture) at International Fashion Week, my first thought was “Sheena Queen of the Jungle.” So were my second, third and fourth thoughts. This is one hot steamy jungle dress and I knew I wanted to shoot it someplace fierce. With the great timing of Second Life Serendipity, Hybrid Ansar dropped a notecard with some of her favorite landmarks on me yesterday, so I had to see if there was someplace fierce on the list. Oh, my, there surely was.

So here I am at the fierce, fierce, fierce Scorched Earth where you can find an amazing butte that glistens and an active volcano and some eerie fires and the scorched remains of fallen forests. I suppose with the forest burned, that’s why I could not find any leopards to pose with my leopard skin dress – they do like trees, you know.

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Options, must have options!

Have you ever watched the Rachel Zoe Project? I confess it is a guilty indulgence of mine. I love fashion and so I can understand her someone out-of-kilter priorities. Much is made of her pet phrases like “Bananas!” and “I Die.” and the like, but they never seem to notice that there is one word repeated again and again and again in every episode – and that word is options. “We need more options!” is the theme of Rachel Zoe and her crazy staff’s lives.  Well, if she had this dress she would have many options in one. For example, the bodice can be worn like this with bare skin peeping out or….

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B&W, Braids & the Hottest Shoes Evah!!!

I recently found a couple of darling black and white dresses, both heavily influenced by vintage styles, both from relatively under-blogged stores and oddly enough, I wore my hair in braids with both of them, though totally by accident. What was not an accident was my choice of shoes – the hottest shoes ever, ever, evah! But first, here’s a lovely black and white pop print from Lost Dreams with the useful and descriptive name Retro Dress.

This dress also has a pop print though the shape is a good decade older. It’s name is Delana Kisses, an unhelpful name unles you think those teardrop shapes remind you of Hershey’s Kisses or something. This is from ROC.

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Ad Parnassum

So after shooting that lovely gown from ROC yesterday, I figured I probably should go look at the store. It’s in a store called The Secret Garden, shared with another designer of lovely women’s gowns. However, my eyes definitely strayed to the ROC side and just about popped out of my head when I saw this dress – called Jazmina.  Although closer inspection reveals it has nothing to do with my favorite painting in the whole world ever, it still made me think of Klee’s Ad Parnassum and I had to have it. Had to! The colors, as you can see are completely similar – and the stones are the same size, but other than that, the similarity is coincidental as I asked the designer Renena Olivier and she had not heard of the painting before. That is a portion of Ad Parnsassum in the back.

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Flexible Fashions

I am a bad, bad, bad blogger. I cannot remember how this dress found its way into my inventory yesterday, but it did.  I suppose it was from one of the fashion blogging groups I have joined recently. (Update: It was Fashion Trends group gift.) However, not knowing how I got it is not going to stop me from showing it off because it’s a stunner and gives you two options for the bodice and three for the skirt – and you can do the math on those permutations.

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