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Sunflowers Bring Me Joy

As a child I used to pick out seeds from a catalog with my grandfather. We’d pick out various vegetables to grow, and fruit, and what sort of things we’d be eating all year as my grandmother and mother spent days and days putting it all up after the harvest.

One special thing we’d plant together were our sunflowers. Planted on the north end of the garden, every day once they’d sprouted we’d walk out together to see if they were taller than I.E Eventually they were, reaching up to the sun, while the bees swarmed around the flowers and the hot Hoosier sun beat down on us and we took in their beauty. Continue reading

My Second Box Launches – Showing Off Two of Five!

When I was growing up, we’d drive to the city to shop. We’d shop at Ayres, and at each department we’d tell the clerk, “for delivery.” Makeup was purchased at department stores, Bluegrass perfume (appropriate for young girls), an odd bob or doodle for your hair, and the items you NEEDED – nylons, new shoes, a sweater or two, maybe coats.

My grandmother and mom were usually with me. We’d eat lunch at the tea room, maybe finish up the shopping in the discount cellar for fun and drive home. Magically, the next day, a truck would arrive with brown wrapped packages with all of our purchases in them. Continue reading

Grayed Rainbow II

Wear Gray 2

So, I hope you have headed over to the Wear Gray Market to check out the goodies. There’s tons of items in the stores, plus gachas and even a hunt. The fashion goodness rains down like a spring downpour over there. Go get wet! You can stay nice and cozy warm in this Comfy Top from IReN.

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Everybody Goes To Chouchou

There is a rule as a blogger that you have to shoot at Chouchou at least once before you die. Now that’s I’ve accomplished this, I resign from blogging. Okay kidding I don’t.  But it was fun to go over there and swoop around looking at all the awesome space and vignettes. Continue reading

Looking Idiosyncratic

Idiosyncrasy’s Justice is a delightful skin that makes me think of the women you see in a de Lempicka painting. I love the rich, bold lipstick and eyeshadow and the strong look of this skin. It is a fundraiser skin for CARE International at the Skin Expo and a wonderful addition to any inventory.  I wore it with the multi-color jewelry from Bliensen & Maitai because it suited the lovely halter top I picked up at Different Drummer – a new to me store.

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Elysium Surprises

Elysium Elide whose blog Photographing SL is familiar to all of us who read the feeds has begun making clothing. She brings to her clothing the same quality and artistry that sets her blog apart from most. Her store, Elymode, opened Friday and the clothing is beautifully made and surprising conservative and wearable anywhere and everywhere. I have to express just a bit of surprise that there are no breast-baring options. ;P

I really fell for the Leafy skirt, top and cardigan. The details are subtle and well-planned to keep the clothing suitable for mixing and matching. The fabric is deceptively simple, but zoom close and see the attention to the weave that gives the solid colors depth and luster.

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