Photo Contests and Me

I have a love hate relationship with photo contests with emphasis on the latter. Mainly I love to look at the winners and hate to do them. More accurately, they make me mad at myself. Because however many times I think I will do one, I procrastinate and forget it and then remember it the day they announce the winners. However, there’s a photo contest ending Friday that did inspire me to enter…this will actually be the third contest I will have ever entered despite a two-year stint as a photographer. As I said, I generally remember the contest the day they announce the winners. The main reason I am inspired to do this contest is that the designer is a good friend of mine with whom I have spent hours giggling. Add to the that the  recognition that the dress is smoking hot.  From Tres Jolie, this is L’Amour Ultra-Mini.

I shot a few photos at Error and because I was shooting in the water, I took off my shoes and put on my SLink bare feet. If the skin is not a perfect match, it’s the water’s fault.I wore Bishwear’s Toss Me Around because I was going for as Sexy as Possible. That’s the same reason I wore PXL Creations incredibly elegant, but sultry Grace.

I also shot some in the photosphere – set all to black with a NotSoBad lounging sofa complete with blankets.  This is the Rose version of the dress.

I even put on some shoes and jewelry for these shots. The shoes are from Aphrodite Creations and the jewelry from Illusions.

Gidge was shooting, too, in the red version (I can’t count as high as the number of colors this dress comes in.) Kidding! I pulled out my Reel Expressions Cabaret Chairs for her to use and then on a whim invited Iota Ultsch, the designer. We sat around having an outragously vulgar conversation that has somehow escaped my memory. All I remember are the giggles and clicking umpteen shots of the three of us flipping through the smexeh poses in the Cabaret Chairs. There are two chairs with 12 poses each and with all of us playing, well, it was the giggle-fest extraordinaire. In this photo, Iota is wearing the caramel, I am wearing the rose and Gide is wearing the red (ultra red?. I recognize Gidge’s hair as Bishwear. So is mine. Iota’s is Analog Dog. My shoes are from Adam N Eve – the Seductress. Iota’s look like they’re Armidi and I think that’s a Paper Couture necklace she is wearing.

***STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Reel Expression & Striking Poses, Reel Expression Cabaret Chairs
  • Skin: PXL Creations Tan Cat Eyes Flamenco Lips R
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
  • Manicure: PXL Creations
  • Hair: Bishwear Toss Me Around
  • Hair 3: Bishwear Simone
  • Dress 1: Tres Jolie by Iota Ultsch L’Amour Ultra Mini Caramel
  • Dress 2: Tres Jolie by Iota Ultsch L’Amour Ultra Mini Rose R
  • Shoes: SLink Barefoot Bamboo Style
  • Shoes 2: Aphrodite Creations Sasy Chic
  • Jewelry 1: None
  • Jewelry 2:  Illusions Gothica Cherry Amber

3 thoughts on “Photo Contests and Me

  1. Iota Ultsch

    WOW! Yes we did have fun!
    That dress is PURE FILTH!

    A huge thank you for the giggles and abfab images to Casja + the SuperGIDGE!

    Don’t we look stunning!

    To reiterate, the Photo Competition closes this Friday 29th SLT. The theme is “Pure Filth” and the new “L’amour Ultra Mini” dress must be worn.
    Some images are up already in the gallery space at Tres Jolie. Would love you all to join in. Judging is informal. A chill-out event where we all lounge around and appreciate every person’s contribution before I make my final decision.

    Join in the fun!

    Best regards,

    Iota Ultsch
    CEO Tres Jolie

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