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L'Abel Loveliness

Neferia Abel is familiar to most fashion followers. She’s been a successful designer for a long time and just keeps getting better. Known primarily for her stunning vintage wear, a stop at her store Ivalde was a mini-lesson in fashion evolution and history. However,  weren’t we all curious what someone with such skill and creativity could come up with freed from the constraints of historical fashion dictates?

We need wonder no more. With Ivalde strong and successful, Neferia has launched a new line of contemporary clothing called L’abel which is seriously one of the cleverest fashion puns ever.  When your label is such a clever stroke of genius, your line of  fashion better match up and it does. For example, this lovely Marjon dress.

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What's in a name?

What’s in a name? That which we call ciabatta by any other name would still smell as tasty and wholesome when hot out of the oven. Okay, I confess I am so confused by the name of this gown from Sascha’s Designs that she will be releasing in several colors this week? It’s called Ciabatta and the only ciabatta I know of is the wonderful Italian sourdough bread.  This dress makes me think of many thinks, lakes, moonlight, flowers and romance. It does not make me think of artisan breads.  Okay, maybe a toasty brown version of this dress could be called ciabatta.

Don’t get me wrong. I love ciabatta. It’s soft and delicious and flavorful and has a hard, crunchy crust.  Yummy! But the bread is rustic and this is elegant. The bread should have a hard crispy crust, this is soft and satiny.  Ciabatta is light and airy and full of holes….aha!!!! That must be it!!!

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Dita Did It

While perhaps not the most famous wedding dress in the world, the Vivienne Westwood stunner that Dita von Teese wore for her wedding has got to be in the top ten – if only for its bold royal purple silk taffeta fabric. Impossible has taken on the challenge of recreating it in-world and proved that contrary to the name, it is possible.

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Christmas Cuteness

So you want to dress up for the holidays, but don’t want to look twee? Why not wear clothes that look fine all year round but give them a holiday edge with accessories and makeup. I am using these old earrings from Dark Mouse – ones I have worn time and again because the colors can, in the context of the season, add a holiday air to regular clothes, The more explicit holiday expression comes from the Fleur Allure Winter skin with the green shadow and the bold red lips.

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